Five secrets to finding your signature style

Asides being an indication of the latest trend in clothing, hair and decor, fashion can also reflect personal style and choices.

Individuals choose their style depending on factors like taste, preference, temperament, location, history, religious belief, culture, and experience.

Style separates how individual dresses or combines items as regards fashion trends. As easy as the concept of styling sounds, it takes a lot of deliberate effort and even discipline to pull off.

One may ask, ‘what efforts or steps must one put out to find out their signature style?

The right answer to this question would be that the individual must have a flair for looking good but that isn’t all. To achieve a signature style, these five things must be put in place:

Understand your body type

Some fashion icons have dared to defile fashion rules when it comes to selecting clothing befitting their body types and gotten away with it. Unfortunately, not everyone can get away with breaking fashion rules all the time.

Put in an effort to understand your body type and additionally, clothing styles that befit your body shape and even fabrics that work better for you.

Beyond fashion rules, identify the types of fabric that make you uncomfortable and get rid of them while embracing those that work well.

Identify your existing wardrobe

If there are pieces of clothing in your wardrobe you haven’t worn in over three months, there’s a big chance those clothing items wouldn’t make it into your signature style wardrobe.

Make a list (mentally or on paper) of the type of clothing predominately found in your wardrobe: are most of your clothing girly and feminine? Do you tend to dress in a more androgynous style?

Chances are your favourite clothing items and accessories like a favourite leather jacket, or maybe a pair of sandals, or vintage jewellery, will make up the forte and direction for your dream signature style wardrobe.

Recognize your go-to fashion items

After identifying your existing wardrobe, you will be able to identify your go-to fashion items of clothing and accessories, they could be anything from a favourite pair of heels, silk scarf, wristwatch, bracelets, go-to pair of sneakers, that white corporate chiffon shirt that never needs ironing, etc.

It is important to recognize, identify and subsequently label these favourite items in such a way that they are easily accessible for those days you may not have too much time to contemplate what to wear.

A greater chance is that these items of clothing are most fitted towards your signature style.

Look out for inspiration

After successfully creating and gradually generating the kind of signature style you want for yourself, the next item to tick off your style list is to get more items of clothing leaning towards your style.

A great way to go about this is to look for inspiration from style and fashion icons. Are you more of a Genevive Nnaji girl or Toke Makinwa inspired girl? Drawing style inspiration has even been made easier with YouTube and Instagram styling content creators.

Consider the nature of your job

Personal or signature style will last for a long time; decades even. Since most individuals end up spending up to or more than 70% of their waking time at their places of work, it is important for signature style to play in the workplace.

Are you working in a company with strict corporate dressing code? A balanced workplace accepting business casual dressing code or one which accepts casual items of clothing?

Factor your work style demands and coin your personal interpretation of workplace dress codes.

Having a signature style promotes confidence, happiness and the contentment that comes with a woman who knows what she wants when it comes to fashion choices.