‘He had N90.6m as at January 2018’ — witness gives details of Onnoghen’s five bank accounts

Ifeoma Okagbue, an official of Standard Chartered Bank, on Thursday gave details of the balances of five bank accounts belonging to Walter Onnoghen, suspended chief justice of Nigeria (CJN).

Okagbue while testifying before the tribunal said Onnoghen operated accounts in naira, dollars, euro and pounds.

The bank official said she started managing the accounts in 2015 but they were opened between 2009 and 2010.

Onnoghen did not make purchases of any luxury item but rather made investments, she said.

According to her, the accounts are active and have not experienced dormancy since they were opened.

Based on prevailing foreign exchange market rates as at March 21, 2019, Onnoghen can be said to have had N90.6 million in his five accounts as at January 2018.

As at December 2018/January 2019, all the accounts had gone down to N46.58 million.

“I had interaction with him in the course of my work,” Okagbue said.

“The five accounts are currently active. On the account 5001062686, the opening balance in January 2018 was €30,178.58 but as at December 2018, the balance was €10,187.18.

“On account 0001062650, as of January 2018, the opening balance was $80,824.25, and by January 2019, the balance was $56,878 only.

“Account number 5001062693 [as] at January 2018 had a balance of N6,411,312.77 but in December 2018, the balance was N12,852,580.52.

“On account 5001062679, the opening balance as at January 2018 was £39,456.08 and by December 2018 the balance was £13,730.70.

“On account 0001062667, the opening balance as at January 2018 was N24,280,904 and as at December 2018, the balance was N2,656,019.21.”

Onnoghen is standing trial for a six-count charge bordering on false asset declaration.