Panadol Extra contains a lot of salt, study finds

A recent study says one can exceed the recommended daily intake of salt by taking few doses of painkillers — thus increasing the chances of cardiovascular diseases.

Health experts have over the years advised a reduction in the consumption of salt. The maximum salt intake recommended daily is 6g.

High consumption of sodium chloride, also referred to as table salt, has been linked to heart attacks, high blood pressure and stroke.

A study revealed that the salt content of painkillers including Panadol Extra, paracetamol, cold and flu remedies, heartburn and indigestion drugs, vitamins supplements jeopardize the health of consumers, especially the elderly.

The research said if the maximum recommended dose of such drugs is taken, it would result in a spike in the salt content in the body.

Panadol Extra soluble tablets contain 1.2g of salt per tablet—and the maximum daily dose of eight tablets would equate consuming 9.6g of salt—that is 3.6g more than the daily recommended salt intake.

“These figures don’t even consider the salt you would also consume through food during the day. Not all soluble and effervescent medications contain sodium, for example, soluble aspirin contains very little,” the study read.

“If you’re worried, look for the amounts of sodium chloride or sodium bicarbonate on your medicine’s label and check with your pharmacist about whether it’s worth switching to a lower sodium variety.”