QUESTION: who can speak when the lion arrives or roars? Enakhena asks

Habituating in prayers is good but is best to habituate in true praise and worship…

Exodus 15:2

Overtime revered apostle Benson
Enakhena ensures he drums the need for rendering praises and worship to our God come what may to his followers and at the just-held thanksgiving service he drummed the need even harder with startling insights.

Enakhena beat the first sound with a question “How many of us remember to exalt God always?” not expecting a choral answer he beat further saying: Many Christians undermine praising and worshiping God…we believe in praying all the time…When you are going to the church put that problem, crisis, trouble and every of your worries behind you and create this feeling of I-am-going-to-worship-my-God-today in your mind—I am going to the church to tell my father thank you.

He said to the church: Learn to give God thanks in every minute, even ahead of His promises to you—when God says he will do something in your life, He must surely do it. And when you are reminding God of His promises, learn to say father I thank you for this 2019 I know you are going to give me a car key.

After enjoining the church to tell their neighbor ‘carry that faith’, Enakhena drummed on “learn to carry that great faith…when the lord says it, claim it, believe it, begin to carry a great faith on it, and say thank you lord for I know you will do it, thank father for I know you are preparing it for me—mention that which you are believing God to do for you.

Enakhena said that when God promises to give to you, there are things around that will make you to doubt…Satan will push and trouble you with anything around you in order to create a disbelieve against that great promise of God but always endeavor to tell Satan get behind me, Jesus is in charge of my life, in the morning, afternoon, evening and all night I praise Him…there is no place for you—He is my God, my I am that I am, the beginning and the end, the Alpha and Omega, better than the best, greater than the greatest, higher than the highest, stronger than the strongest.

“There is power in praising God…when you pray God sends his angels but when you praise and worship God He comes down himself—who can speak when the lion arrives or when he roars?

“But it is important to note that when praising God, you must praise Him in truth and in spirit…honestly if you praise God and you are not connected you are aware of it and when that is in play it is not for God.

Acts 16:25-34

“When Paul and Silas praised and worshiped God in the prison there was a vibration, there was an earthquake why? That is the appearance of God—the appearance of God is different from Angels—when God appears in a situation himself, there is a big difference.

Citing the issue of someone who told him that he cannot go to his village, Enakhena said he replied him that is because you are not spirit-filled and said anytime I go to the village all the bad ones must go to sleep and there shall be no meeting –if there should be a meeting, it should be of God and with the exact vim he asked: When you know the God you are carrying why should you run away from your enemies?

“When you praise and worship God, great and mighty things happen…what you did not ask for, God will give it to you…what you are not aware of, God will sort them for you.

“But again, note that you must accept your problem to God and not man…you are to submit it to God and not any man…Enakhena enjoined his members to learn to submit to God”.


It doesn’t matter how long that problem or power has been troubling your family, as you give God thanks, praise and worship Him that power, sickness, crisis, poverty, stagnation shall expire in the name of Jesus.

You that is saying how long will I wait, in this month of March the Lord will say AMEN to your prayers in the name of Jesus.


Father, as I praise and worship you today, wash away my secret tears, that tears I cannot tell anyone, that mockery, crisis, trouble I am passing through…father by the blood of Jesus wash away my secret tears.

Father as I praise and worship you, give me unqualified favor like Joseph, unqualified favor father give it to me…unqualified favor like David father give to me in this month of March.

Father give me victory over every battle I am passing through, give my children and family victory over every battle in the name of Jesus.


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