Life as we well know, is a battlefield and one mighty weapon we need is the mind of resilience—this helps us to forge on and pay no mind to side attractions and also negative thoughts.

In this latest piece, Ando Ogar a poetess who visits issues of life in its entirety with her wealth of thoughts, writes on being resilient.

Read resilient below...

A healthy seed was sown on a fertile ground
It germinated with ease
Sprang with health
Leaves all green and fleshy
Flourished all round
Brought joy to it's sowers
Happiness to onlookers
Admired by all
Touched by love
Seed grew in all splendour
Became greener by the day
Flourished like the ocean
Beamed like the butterflies
But lo! The sickle pest found it
And ravaged it's cells
Destruction sets in
Gradually seed became dry and week
Losing all the beautiful colours
Fighting to stay alive
The glow varnishes into thin air
Dehydration turned it into a nightmare
Then the sower brought in chemicals
Mixed in water and strong drugs
Pumped into it for a while
Strength was restored
Beauty sets in
But colour was gradually varnishing
Confusion sets in
Sower running here and there
To restore colour back
Called on the transfusion van
At last, seed was transfused
Gradually recovery shows up
Seed became strong again
The sower overjoyed
For alas!! Seed was restored
Fate stepped in
As magically, weakness gave way to strength
Pale became red with colour
And just like the sun sets
The almost dying seed is a survivor.


  1. Interesting allusional write up describing sickle cell anaemia..well done

  2. Surely the faith of the husband man is highly admirable! He never allowed the circumstances that befell his seed to becloud him from seeking redemption! That is true resilience! Hence, the resilient man never says NEVER!


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