REVEALED: There’s no power or God waiting for you on the mountain — keep your heart pure, says Enakhena

I will not let go can be keeping the highest blessing you are waiting for God to give you.

From drumming the sounds of the need to habituate in praise and worship to the revealing rhythms of the mercy of God, Apostle Benson Enakhena on the topic ‘How Mercy of God Works’ forked out fresh insights to hound the ignorance of his members on God’s mercy.

The revered apostle known for his prowess of divine insight started with saying: Every day we talk about how we so much need the mercy of God but today we want to talk about how it works—we always say father have mercy, father show me mercy, father I need your mercy, father I wear your mercy as a garment, father let your mercy heal me, father let your mercy deliver me, father let your mercy speak for my business, father let your mercy do this for me, let your mercy do that for me, but how does this mercy of God works in our life? How does this mercy speak for us? How does this mercy activate in our lives? Enakhena asked.

Mathew 6: 14 – 15

He said most times we ask for this mercy and it’s as if we are not seeing it, it is not activated in our lives…why? There is something you must give before you receive…there is something you must do before you receive this thing you are asking of…the things you are seeking, you should give them out before you receive. Reading the scripture above, Enakhena said but if you forgive those that trespass against you, those that offended you, those that have sinned against you, if you forgive them, your heavenly father will also forgive you—you can’t carry other people in your heart and you are asking for God’s mercy—you  cannot take a knife in attempt to stab someone from behind and you are telling God to watch your back, it is not possible, it doesn’t work that way –the mercy of God works according to how you are showing mercy to others. Somebody cannot offend you and you say until I die, then you are expecting God’s mercy.

Enakhena continued with this rhythm saying: If you are holding somebody down you will not go anywhere but remain in that same place…you are there you are not going anywhere. When you show mercy you move on, go ahead. Put those things behind you and march on. 

“I told somebody that whether they believe it or not there is no power or God waiting for you on the mountain, there is no God that can prepare himself waiting for you on that mountain…the essence of a mountain is you cannot commit a sin without a partner…the very essence of a mountain is where I have no communication with anybody, where I will not lie to you, where I will not look at someone lustfully, where I will not say what God do not want me to say, where you will be with God only, where you will concentrate, at that moment sin is far away from you then God can now come close to you. That is the essence of going to a mountain but the mountain we go to these days, gossip is evident, you see more worldly things, and somebody on the phone will be on the mountain and lie that I dey Ibadan. Why should your phone even work when you are on the mountain? You said you want to see God and your phone is on and when you want to see a governor you put off your phone. 

After enjoining  his members to tell their neighbor ‘from today you must learn what is called mercy because you cannot receive it without giving it first’, Enakehena kept on with forking out the insights of how mercy of God works, saying: you cannot receive mercy unless you give it first. And what is this mercy? Mercy cannot work in the heart of a man that does not have the heart of love. Mercy carries two foundations—truth and love. A man that does not love, cannot have mercy–you cannot show mercy to anybody when your heart is wicked, when hatred envelops your life, you cannot show mercy and a man that is not truthful cannot show mercy. Love gave birth to mercy; the mercy of God has no boundary because God is love. God is love, God is truth and God is holy…that is why everything about him is mercy. 

“All God needs from you is to say father I am sorry and before you say I am sorry he has already forgiven you because he has already seen it in your heart that you have realized it. I am sorry has nothing to take for you to realize what you are doing is wrong. God wants you back with the heart of I am sorry.

Mathew 5:7

“Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy, you cannot be showing wickedness to your neighbor or your family and you are expecting the mercy of God. In the mercy of God there is not only a second chance but there is always a third chance.

“Picture this; you give someone close to your family fifty thousand naira to start a pure water business and the money went in vain…then the person runs to your wife for another financial help and you tell her don’t give that person a kobo because you gave him/her fifty thousand naira and it wasted…just make sure you don’t give him/her any money because he/she is a wasteful person—your heart is wicked, you have no mercy in your heart. Why don’t you call that person to order?, why don’t you talk to him? Why don’t you make an amendment? Why don’t you create another way? A man that backbites has no heart of love. You must show a heart of love before you can receive mercy. Mercy is not enveloping us in full because we are housing hatred in our heart.
“Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain mercy and there are three categories of mercy; there are mercy of those who sin against you, there are mercy of those that is not that they sinned against you but you met them and they need help then you show mercy and help.

“If you are not truthful you cannot show mercy because a man that is not truthful will always cheat. Mercy, truth and love goes together—God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit move together as one…that is how mercy, love and truth toe the same vein.

After reading the book of Luke 23:34 Enakhena asked: what gave Jesus that power to forgive those that crucified him? What gave Jesus that heart of forgiveness is love because Jesus himself is love. No man can forgive except the heart of love.
“If you have it at the back of your mind that when you get 20 million you are going to deal with some people God will not give you that money… but when you plan good for the prosperity you are expecting; you are already preparing how you are going to help the people in your community, the church, the widows, the sick and God knows your heart if you are thinking it in truth or just because you want Him to bless you because God is looking for many to glorify His name but we are not ready, we are not prepared…even the ministers in the church, we are not ready…we are not prepared.

“Everything you see today is me, my wife, my children but that is not the body of Christ. Love your neighbor as yourself, is your wife or your children your neighbor? Your love for your wife and children is for you while your love for your neighbor is for the things of God.

“Jesus kept on to where God was taking him, He did not pay any mind to what was being done to Him on the cross rather He said father forgive them for they do not know what they are doing –he that knows where God is taking him to, will never pay any attention to side attractions because you know where you are going. Go your way, face your God. There are so many negative help that will come your way that are not of God but I pray you will not fall in.
“Love sets in when someone offends you and you are ready to forgive. Some time ago, I begged a man to show mercy to someone who offended him but the man utterly refused and stressed he will never eat nor drink with the person because God has taking him to a place that he will never go down again plus over his dead body, should he forgive this person that offended him. But after few weeks of traveling back to his place abroad, his dead body was brought back to Nigeria. Where is he now? He said he cannot show mercy, he cannot let go, and can never forgive that person.

“A heart that does not carry mercy is bound to be sick. 40% high blood pressure is a heart of stubbornness, 40% is all about inheritance while the rest is what is happening in our environment –wicked world and the economy. Unforgiveness,  haa na that man take my position or that one duped me of fifty thousand naira I will never let it go, I would rather die than to let it go.

“If you want God to answer your prayers like the speed of light, keep your heart pure. When you keep your heart clean, you will not repeat one prayer request twice. Jesus was not just God, Jesus carried a heart of mercy that is why before he said father, and God has answered. During the time he raised the dead he said father I know you have answered me already.

“When you have already settled yourself with God, God has already answered you. He is just waiting for you to open your mouth and speak. Not having a heart of mercy is one chief reason why we repeat one prayer several times. 

“know that it is a weak man that does not have the heart of forgiveness. A man that has the heart of forgiveness is strong in the sight of God and a man with no heart of forgiveness is weak in the sight of God because the flesh is controlling him and the Spirit of God is not moving him.

Enakhena again enjoined his members to address their neighbor, what have I done against you? Forgive me because I want you to move forward and I forgive you too because I want to move forward—unforgiveness delays our blessing. Oh, my best friend married the man I wanted to marry, I will never forgive her. If that man was meant for you, your best friend cannot take him from you, If that your husband to be was truthful he will not follow your best friend.

What does God say we should do to one another?Chorally the churched answered love your neighbor as yourself. He then enjoined the church to ask their neighbors; do you love me? Do you have my phone number if you love me? Do you know where I reside? Do you know my children? How do you love me? If you love me do you know how I am living? Do you know the kind of job I do?

He warned with the exact vim: let your church speak for you…don’t use your mouth to tell me you are born again, let your action speak, Let the truth in you speak,  don’t tell me you are born again no, no, no, don’t tell me you are a pastor no, no, no, don’t tell me you are a bishop no, no, no, activate it in your life let me see it. Let me see it! He exclaimed. I have been born again for forty years is not the issue, you are born again is it bringing people closer to God? or is it scaring people away from the church?


• Father take away the spirit of unforgiveness in my life.

• Father wherever I have inherited that spirit, either from my father's lineage or my mother's lineage, father take it away from me.

• The spirit of wickedness and hatred father take it away from me.

• Tell God to take the spirit of wickedness away from Nigeria,  wickedness is too much in this country father, arise with your love, plant your love in this country, plant your mercy in this country and plant your truth in this country.

• Tell God to plant his mercy in your marriage, in your career, in your church, in this Elshaddai Salvation Family Ministries, father plant your love in this church, plant your truth father in this church and father we need your love…father plant it.

• Father give me the spirit to let go, in every way they have sinned against me because they did not sin against me they have sinned against you and you are the God that forgives without measure, father I forgive them, make a way for me.

• Father any garment I am wearing that unforgiveness has brought in my life, father tear that garment by your fire and set me free.


  1. May the good Lord continue to increase your anointing,with more depth in his words for the salvation of mankind,
    I pray for fresh grace and higher auction for his work through Christ our Savior Lord,Amen,


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