Unbearable Pain of Love❤️ — The only thing you can control in life is you...not him/her, says Realwithkem

By Kemi Ademilola 

  I never knew a heart can be chopped into  pieces until I felt mine bleeding. I could feel the internal pain of love. I couldn't think straight nor delete any of our memories. The world felt so cold, everywhere seemed dark. I could feel my emptiness. I could feel blood running through my spines. Everything was just wrong. 
Now I know why all this words are four letters; Love, Hate, Pain. Yeah! The pain of love is just unbearable. I asked if he loved me and he said yes. I thought I got it but I was wrong. Yeah! How can a humanbeing be heartless? I can still hear the voice in my ears staying; ’Babe, I thought I love you but I searched my mind, I couldn't find your love in my heart.’ Oh my God! I was shocked, I was dead with my eyes  open. I couldn't say a word. God! What have I done wrong or where have I gone wrong? 
I am truly a good person. Then I opened up to Realwithkem, this is what she says;
’The origin of love is about learning how to love yourself first before loving someone else. You can't give what you do not have. Check your heart and be sure you have enough love for yourself before taking a ride for love. Make yourself someone anyone can spend the rest of his/her life with, not you searching for someone to spend your life with. Make sure you are adding value to yourself every day. The only thing you can control in life is you. Not him/her. The only human being you know is you.  Not him/her. Make yourself an investor, not the business to be invested in. Practicing all this will make you strong and prepared for any storm in a relationship. Do not get me wrong, you will definitely be hit with the storm when it comes but the built-in love you have for yourself will sustain you during and after the storm. Your investment will put you back in shape to be prepared for any incoming love. Hint! Never give up on love, you can't live all by yourself; you need someone to lean on. Just never be too desperate seeking for love, focus on yourself and stay open to welcome incoming love😜.’
Always Get Realwithkem 😘