UNYG: Ocloo-Dzaba, Agyei, Clottey, Addo sworn in Directors, Program Manager and Deputy Country Head

GHANA, ACCRA — The United Nations Youth Ghana has sworn in Richard Ocloo-Dzaba, Kofi Ntow Agyei, and Zimran Clottey as Director of UN Youth TV; Director, Corporate Affairs & Human Resources, Programs Manager UN Youth TV respectively—Lillian Sally Addo as the new Deputy Country Head of UN Youth Ghana.

The ceremony was held on Wednesday 20, February 2019 at Chapman Conference room of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration.

Below is a background info on the UN Youth Ghana.

The UN Youth Ghana was founded in accordance with the Resolution 2250 of the United Nations act which was unanimously adopted on the December 5, 2015 on Youth,  Peace and Security,  which recognized the voice of the Youth and their participation in decision making at all levels. 

From the description of Youth from United Nations perspective with a global population of over 1.8 billion people, youth are the world’s greatest untapped resource, possessing the talents and ambition to overcome society’s biggest challenges. In order to achieve the 2030 Agenda, it is imperative to engage youth as beneficiaries, stakeholders, and leaders in the global movement for inclusive and sustainable development.

On 9th December 2015, the UN Security Council adopted the RESOLUTION 2250 on Youth, Peace and Security. This historical document was the first of its kind to recognize the positive role young people play in building sustainable peace and to lay out the need for government and other stakeholders to support young people in this role.

With this new executive and the passion showed for the work, we are optimistic that UN Youth Ghana will be an epitome of the country’s peace and security led by these energetic and dedicated Youth.

UN Youth Ghana conducts research and analysis on youth and provides information to Governments, youth, civil society and other parts of the United Nations system on issues and activities relating to youth development. It publishes the biannual World Youth Report, which presents analytical discussions on selected topics related to youth development. Taking a regional approach, the 2007 Report, for example, examined the opportunities and challenges that youth face during their transition to adulthood.

UN Youth Ghana also contributes to informing Governments and the international community about key developments in the area of youth and, especially, on progress made in the 15 priority areas of United Nations Programme on Youth.

A major part of the work,   UN Youth Ghana works with civil societies, especially youth-led organizations that are working with young people, particularly at the grassroots level, to address various areas of the World Programme of Action for Youth.

Organization cooperates with and assists these youth-led organizations. 
It arranges consultative meetings with civil societies, stake holders and the Ghanaian government, briefings and other discussions with them to guide their work, and it also gathers their inputs and feeds them into intergovernmental discussions. 

Young people, both as individual experts and as representatives of organizations, are also involved in Expert Group Meetings and other substantive discussions organized by UN Youth Ghana.

An important dimension of UN Youth Ghana on Youth’s work relates to strengthening the participation of youth in decision-making processes at all levels in order to increase their contribution to national and international development. 

The organization provides advisory services to other United Nations system offices and other stakeholders on how to ensure active youth engagement in their initiatives.

Through publications, advocacy and the provision of advisory services, the UN Youth Ghana on Youth facilitates the inclusion of youth representatives in Member States’ official delegations to the General Assembly and other intergovernmental bodies. Youth delegates frequently deliver official statements on behalf of the youth in their
countries, and some negotiate actively on the text of resolutions. UN Youth Ghana provides information, advisory and orientation services to youth delegates before and during their stay in UN Youth Summits in Ghana to facilitate their effective participation at UN Youth meetings.

Various activities of the organization aim to support and encourage youth initiatives and their meaningful engagement in the development dialogue. The UN Youth Ghana organization supports and encourages youth to plan and carry out projects in support of youth development. A toolkit, Making commitments matter, for example, guides youth organizations on how to evaluate the Government’ efforts to implement the UNPY.