ARAMIDE'S PERSPECTIVES: When should parents be off financially responsibilities??

Training children right from birth to Adulthood is not an easy task. Especially training the girl child.

Training the girl child in particular needs lots of monitoring, patience, lessons, illustrations amongst others to make sure she is Upright and is eventually well trained.

The male child needs to be well trained too and its so baffling the way some parents think they ate off their children's financial repsonsibilities when they attain the age of 16 or 17 "Your mates are makingymoney already" "You should go out and earn some money,  fend for yourself " these are regular statements amongst others from such parents.

Oh want to ask: How do these kids survive???

How do they fend for themselves???
At this Age,  most  Kids are just getting into the university. No certificate yet,  noJob yet and some parents expect that these kids fend for themselves  and also bring home something for them too.

These regular statements get into these kids head and Boom! The Boy results into Cyber crime and the girl sells her body for money .

They make money , take some home and their parents are happy. They will not bother to ask where they got money.

Parents should train their kids to the point where Every child can make a honest penny for himself.

They should stop thinking they are off their wards financial responsibilities.

They cannot be off until they have trained their wards to the extent that he or she can boast of every penny he's made.

Aramide Adefemi is a year-two student of Yaba College of Technology studying Mass Communications.