ARAMIDE'S PERSPECTIVES:Girls deserve Respect too


So painful how some guys talk disrespectfully about girls, so annoying and it's uncalled for.

The worse part is the way Some girls giggle at the disrespectful comments from guys about their body. So shameful!

Just stop it please!

I understand this, some of us do not want to loose friends, maybe the popular ones.

We want to be seen with these popular ones, want to be called their bestie
Or maybe it's because of what they get from these guys.

Well-done, it's awoof that is disregarding you. Don't be friends to anyone that disrespects u, friendship comes with respect.

Disregarding comments like:
"Your bum looks soft, it will be easy to press", you look like boiled spaghetti" "your breast looks like hand fan"
The most disregarding thing is that the guy mentions their names in the post n the  Girls in Question go to the comment section n comment" lol you are not serious, if I catch '' Never entertain Disrespect.

#respect to Girls

Aramide Adefemi is a year-two student at the Yaba College of Technology studying Mass Communications.