ARAMIDE'S PERSPECTIVES:Jumping processes in life


Can anyone jump process in life?
No! No one can.

No one can actually jump process in life.

We just deceive ourselves by thinking we fast forward things.
You ought not to skip a class but you did.
If u ought not to, you will still go through that process.

Because friends are making it, you decided not to be left behind so you resorted into Cyber crime or even money rituals. You will  still become broke and join the queue again.

Because you want quick promotion. You Start dating your boss.
You will still have to Join the queue.

Peer pressure has done more harm than good. Even Chinua Achebe's things fall apart said "some had their Kernels cracked by the gods and not by themselves" Fingers are not equal plus good things takes time.

Don't let anyone make u feel inferior.
Never allow it!

The Social media is a scam
All am saying is we should all be careful.
Imitation kills. Be yourself.

If you  ought not to Jump a process
Please don't!

You will just be making things worse for our God, the all knowing one Knows the appropriate time for everything to be in place.

Don't jump,take it easy.
Don't screw things too.

Thanks for your attention Readers

Aramide Adefemi is a year-two student of Yaba College of Technology, studying Mass Communications.


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