Erelu ASA of Nigeria stuns uniquely in AY Stitches outfits

Having styled A-List Nollywood Stars, delightful celebrities in the entirety of the entertainment industry plus the political spheres, Nigeria's fashion couturier, AY Stitches who is reputed internationally, has upped the environs of his league of clients as our very own Erelu ASA of Nigeria(Duchess Funmilayo Rotiba whose beauty is just as a woman's choice, perfect yet definite) stuns uniquely in AY Stitches outfits.

Rotiba's elegance always accentuates her culturally gorgeous and vibrant personage and her appearance is evidently culture-driven, exhorting the depiction of our traditions.

AY Stitches visited Erelu ASA of Nigeria and presented two lovely outfits made with sample border and unique lace materials to the immense positive portrayal of our culture.

In utmost amazement, Rotiba who is a fluent fixture on culture and traditional events and festivals, marveled in this never-expected show of appreciation and honor.

Speaking with Godfreytimes, Rotiba said that 'the genuine quality of the materials is astonishing but what poked me with the highest peak of happiness, is the royal feel of the unique lace regalia'.

In his marvel of her full of life beauty backed with traditional insights, AY Stitches described Erelu ASA of Nigeria 'as what is good for not just the Yoruba tribe but Nigeria as a whole'. 'I am absolutely thrilled on how well the outfits fits her', he added.