EXTRA: set my life on fire —Father make me a prayer warrior

Despite how well the sea knows the golden shore is ever right next to her, she's still so addicted to kissing it at every given second she so please or feels like it—The addition of the sea to the golden shore is her way of life—as a child of God what is your way of life? Do you run to God despite knowing He is always there for you like the sea kisses the shore?  Do you know that praying should be your way of life? If you don't, read when we say prayer is the key—it is yourself....in everything pray! 

Nothing is more evident than praying at the El Shaddai Salvation Family Ministries (ESFM) and Apostle Benson Enakhena's prayer session after every given message, is one of the cogent reasons that validates this.

Below are the prayer points he led his beloved members to pray after his preaching on 'Prayer is the Key'...

Say oh Lord my father, set my life on fire, set me on fire for you…set my heart, spiritual life, my prayer life on fire oh Lord…I set it all on fire for you oh Lord, I want to burn for you.

Father make me a prayer warrior…make me a prayer warrior that the enemies will hear my voice and they will flee…I will not be lazy spiritually, father tear away every garment of spiritual laziness from my life, every spirit of doubt to prayer,  father tear it apart…every spirit of I don’t care about praying,  father take it away from me.

Father any power resisting  your will in my life, empty them by fire in the name of Jesus…every power contending with your will in my life,  father set them on fire, burn them to ashes.

My father, my father, my father, any power that has vowed that I will not eat the fruit of my labor, father send them to exile of no return in the name of Jesus.

My father, my father, my father, whatever Satan has stolen from me, whatever I have lost because of my prayer less life and my carelessness, as I clap my hands and pray, father restore them back to me in the name of Jesus….father restore my business, my spiritual life, my marriage, my children, restore my health, my life, father restore me oh Lord by fire by force…restore my womb, my journey, my promotion, restore them in hundred fold.

Father any power that has vowed that I will not eat my children’s food, that my children will not prosper the way they supposed to be prosperous, oh God of Elijah, arise with your fire and send them to exile of no return…I will not die before my time, you spirit of high blood pressure, God back to your sender…I will not die before my time…at old age my children’s children will surround my table…I shall live to declare the fullness of the Lord in the name of Jesus.