Jesus is not reigning forever because he is powerful but because he gave his life, says Enakhena

Apostle Benson Enakhena, senior pastor of El-shaddai salvation family ministries lit a torch with the question: are you a crazy giver? He asked the congregation and kept the torch burning by enjoining his members to ask their neighbors: are you a crazy giver? Can you give your life for my sake? After watching them ask chorally, Enakhena torched down the euphoric mood of Palm Sunday with insights on the foundation of greatness. In his message, the pursuit of truth preacher, revealed the bitter truth about ‘Giving’…citing that it wasn’t his intent to preach this but God instructed him to, because “He came to give them His life but the little things they have, they cannot share with themselves”.

Walking on the ashes of the mood, Enakhena disclosed that “God said I should teach His people how to give to themselves because He has practicalised it by giving His life for them so that they can be giving to themselves...that is why I enjoined you to ask your neighbor: are you a crazy giver? Can you give your life for my sake? Can you sacrifice yourself for me? Can you make yourself poor so that I can become rich? Because it is written that Jesus was very rich but He became poor so that me and you can become rich. 

2 Corinthians 9:17

Describing Giving as the instruction of God, Enakhena said that if you are not a giver, you are the one making yourself poor. When you give grudgingly, there’s no blessing attached to it. A cheerful giver expects absolutely nothing in return.

Proverbs 18:16

“Remember the barren woman that kept Elijah in her house, her gift made a way for her not praying. Because she loved God, she kept His prophet in her house. When you are giving you are preparing yourself for greatness. When you are a giver, get ready to dine and wine with Kings and Queens.

“If you must prosper, you must learn how to give.

“God is the solution to every of our problems not what you have in your pocket or your property. God’s plan is way better than what you are planning.

“He that cannot share from a little cannot share from so much. It is vital you know that when God gives you five million naira, He didn’t give it to you because of you, there are people around you God wants you to share that money with.

Enakhena continued with bringing to fore, the things his beloved members must do, saying that when you are giving, you can never be stranded. Citing that someone once said to him: Pastor I key into your word, ‘I can never be stranded’ then I told him yes but there is a catch. You must not allow anyone to be stranded, that is the only way you can never be stranded. God cannot keep giving you when you don’t give to others, God cannot continue to help you when you don’t help others. Jesus was on the throne in heaven enjoying when He saw us on the earthly ground suffering…He said father, I will go for you…let them torture me; let me be killed so that this children can be saved. But His glory is everywhere today, He gave His life but He had His life back. That is why he remains forever, because he gives. Jesus is not reigning forever because he is powerful but because he gave his life.

“Any man always looking to receive, is preparing himself for poverty. How long are you going to wait for people, friend or brother, sister? look onto Jesus, don’t trust in your wealth. No man can trust in the Lord unless you leave your tomorrow for God. All we need is faith. The day you begin to believe in men, marks the day you start to have enemies. Know that it is best to give than to receive.

“He that sows to himself shall reap one seed but he that sows to the world shall reap a tree. A selfish man can never plant. A born giver doesn’t look at his past betrayals, he is thinking of what to do next. God did not create you for yourself, He created you to lift others.

Mathew 10:8

“The anointing of God is not for sale, the healing of God is not for sale…the blessings of God are free!

“I will teach you the truth but it is very bitter. You must follow the foundation of greatness.

“Don’t run away from the poor let alone reject people. During a burial ceremony a mad man was coming to me they wanted to drive him away I stopped them, then he said to me: I want to wear slippers. I took him across the road and bought him one. Do you know something?  Anywhere he went, he was campaigning I bought him slippers and those I did well above that for didn’t even find it enough let alone toeing the same vein with the mad man. 

“Some would say I can’t do that for such a person, he or she is not my class. What is your class! Mine is righteousness and holiness.

James 2: 15 – 17 ; Hebrews 13: 16

“We neglect our loved ones, we refuse to show love that is why they are in the grave. Do good is the highest sacrifice.”