Nike Adeyemi: It’s time for Christians to beam their light on the world

Nike Adeyemi, senior pastor of Daystar Christian Centre, has asked Christians to shine their light on the world.

Adeyemi spoke on Saturday at Women of Destiny Conference, a programme the church organised at its premises in Oregun, Lagos.

Tagged “Let your light shine”, the senior pastor said Christians are light of the world and they need to reflect it in their daily lives.

Describing the conference as a meeting of liberation, she said to remain as lights, Christians should be sustained by the word of God, intimacy with God by meditating on His words to fuel their dreams.

“When you shine, you give others foundation to shine. Meditating on the word of God will sustain the shining,” she said.

“There is hope for that dream as long as you are alive. Be the light that you are, get better and renew your mind

“Let your light shine before men, so being light means you should influence for good…in your communities, in our neighbourhood, in your offices. Wherever you are, just shine your light.

Toyin Poju Oyemade, guest speaker, Adeyemi, convener of Women of Destiny Conference and Kimberly Jones-Pothier from Church of the Harvest in Fayetteville, Georgia, USA

“So whatever you see you can do about Nigeria; whenever you see things are not working, you can do anything about it by all means, shine your light. That what we are talking about, don’t just sit and ignore. Do whatever you can.

“We all shine at different intensity. If you are going for a political office, if you are running for governor; that’s a big portfolio and that’s a way to shine your light. But you can also shine your light in the market place with the market women. Just wherever you are.”

Also speaking, Toyin Oyemade, a guest speaker, asked women to step up being who they are and work in their purpose.

“We are not here to live for ourselves, we are here to be blessings for others,” she said.

“My advice to men is to let their wives soar; let them shine. The shining of your wife does not diminish you, instead, there is no man that wouldn’t want to hear, ‘oh your wife is amazing’ and you feel somehow.

“You don’t need to project women when they stand up to their roles. There are three women that are chairmen of banks in Nigeria, they didn’t need to project themselves, they just took their place, running their business and they are at the top.”