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Seven game-changing fashion and styling truths young men should know

Seven game-changing fashion and styling truths young guys should know

Personal styling can influence your image in the minds of other people. Virtually, everyone wants to look good and make the best impression but not everyone seems to be good at it.
Worse is that young people often get swayed by whimsical fashion trends, even when they can’t afford a complete wardrobe overhaul every month.
Young men are often said to have a knack for looking good but the truth is that there isn’t really any such skill since desirable styles are born out of priorities and time-related societal preferences.
Without mincing words, here are seven tips to help spice up your personal fashion style, refine your self-image and others’ perception of you.
Self Confidence
It might interest you to know that it only takes a considerable amount of confidence for fashion non-conformists to rock outlandish outfits, most of which end up enjoying the attention of many who go after what’s in vogue.
Mustering self-confidence is one of the first things you should do to salvage and build your personal style since a big chunk of desirable styles lean on a confident attitude. Choosing outfits that are in sync with your sense of purpose is a great way to start.
Care for your clothing
Even the most expensive outfits could end up making you feel weird if not properly cared for. Some outfits are not to be soaked in water, others have washing temperature specifications.
So before immersing that fabric in water, you might want to be sure of the manufacturer’s guide on washing. Consider keeping your shirts and suits well ironed and on good hangers to avoid having them bunch up in places that use to be smooth.
Rock the fit
You’re the one wearing the clothes, not the clothes wearing you. Without questions, you can opt for baggy clothes while within the confines of your home. But irrespective of the quality of fabric, it isn’t the ideal choice if it doesn’t fit.
Before you pick an outfit for any occasion, fitting should be your top concern if you don’t want to spend your entire day adjusting it and feeling self-conscious. Alternatively, you could ensure they can be adjusted if they aren’t an exact fit.
Quality over quantity
It doesn’t matter how many outfits you have. What matters is that you have the right ones. What good is a wardrobe filled with outfits whose fabric either doesn’t feel right or whose shade is difficult to match?
Giving priority to quality fabric over amassing a hoard of unappealing wears would help ensure your wardrobe is filled with ready-to-wear items that optimizes your comfort and helps you blend in when you’re with your cohorts.
Choose the right footwear
Your shoes could say a lot about you which includes telling if you’re the type to give attention to details. Spending your fortune on a pair of quality leather shoes is one of the best investments you can make towards consolidating your personal style.
Plus, you don’t want to give others reasons to ridicule your young age. Even when you’re not dressed in the most glamorous combinations, pay attention to shoes as they make the whole difference and determine the first impression others have of you.
Fashion trends
Lucky you if your personal style ends up dictating the trends. Other times fashion fads influence your style. Whichever one it is, everyone agrees that there’s always that urge to blend in with what’s in vogue.
You might want to learn to strike a balance if you don’t want to stand out as outlandish. You could bring trends into conformity with your personal style, creating an intermediate pact that marks you as unique and fashionable.
Alternatively, you could even ignore mainstream fashion trends following that they tend to change too fast and instead stick to timeless clothing—especially ones with which you’re sure you can never go wrong.
Find mentors
To spice up your style as a young man, you should start by leaning on a good mentor, an older person that has you exuding confidence each time they get dressed. It could be a celebrity or a public figure whose values are in sync with your personal convictions.
It could also be a fashion blogger or vlogger who is well attuned to the world of fashion in a manner that is appealing to you. Whether you do or don’t eventually get to meet these mentors, their creative input could serve as a source of feedback for your personal style and could spice it up eventually.