Toxic Relationship


           I couldn't have any space in my heart for anything else, everything belongs to her. I water her like a rose and adore her like a god. Loving her is everything I have ever dreamt about. Looking at her eyes gives me this unexplained feeling. My heart fills with joy, happiness, and hope. Yeah! You read it right ’HOPE.’ How I wish I have it all, I'm still missing something. I looked at all the crannies of my heart but I couldn't find it and that is eating up the love I have for her. I understand I can't have it all but sometimes, the lacking aspect can be unbearable. Before I met her, everything was rosy for me and I think I'm capable of picking a wife which I did. I embraced her with love, I made her have everything she wanted. She made me know everything about lady's things because she is used to wearing the most expensive things. She is very romantic, especially when she makes me feel good with her tongue, she is just irresistible when it comes to that. I used to think maybe God tutored her on how to use her tongue for a pleasurable moment like the one she gives me. After two years of marriage, I noticed I'm not that buoyant financially as I used to be. That was the beginning of our problem. If you remember I stated I was lacking something in my relationship; that thing is ’understanding’ my woman never understands. I shared my story with Realwithkem, let's read from her.

Sometimes, people get into a relationship to compensate for what they are lacking which makes the love conditional. These set of people will love their partners as long they are still meeting up their needs and this is a freeway to a toxic relationship. For real, I used the word ’toxic’ because the relationship will definitely explode by the time you stop what is holding the marriage together and when it does it will be harmful and disastrous. How do you know if a relationship is toxic? Good! This is when your partner will not even plan a future with you, she will never discuss how to be successful with you. She won't have any long term goals for both of you, instead, she want to take from you to fill in what she is lacking then you know you are in a toxic relationship.
I will rest my pen here. Watch out for Next write up on how to get out of Toxic Relationship. Continue to get Realwithkem