EXTRA: Duru decribes Dorcas as a helper assigned by God

Apostle Daniel Duru, senior pastor at City of Power International Ministry has described Dorcas as a helper assigned by God.

In his message "Dorcas must not die" Duru said Dorcas was a good woman who was feeding the widows, paying people's rentage and more.

When she died the people Dorcas assisted cried out to Peter showing the things Dorcas did for them and how she took care of them.

After asking Who is Dorcas?  Duru Described Dorcas as a helper assigned by God to help and to carry one's burden.

He said that the absence of Dorcas in one's life is the beginning of struggling and hoplessness.

Describing a helpless man as a hopeless man, Duru said when a man lacks help, he becomes a leper adding that your first Dorcas is your prophet.

"It is important you note that whenever you are submissive to the grace of your prophet, help comes your way".

Having revealed the place Dorcas in one's life, Duru rounded off this short message with pronouncements. Pronouncing that"before the end of May, I decree over your life, your Dorcas will appear to carry your burden in the name of Jesus.

"I declare help into ur life, What it took others for 30years to achieve, will take u just one day to achieve it in the name of Jesus".