How To Quit A Toxic Relationship

By Kemi Ademilola

        Quitting a relationship is the same as breaking a strong mold you crafted. The tools used in making the crafted strong mold will always play roles in how the pieces will be pulled apart. 
If you break a strong mold with the right tools, hit at the right place, and with the right forces, it will just be demolished without using a lot of strength and without exploding to hurt the breaker and people around the mold. 
You have to be ready in order to quit a toxic relationship. First, you make up your mind because there must not be no turning back. Unfinished business in a relationship can ruin an upcoming relationship. Then, you really have to have some tools with you. The tools are; confident, boldness, strength, and backup. Make sure you can survive  both physically and emotionally without your partner. If not you have to train yourself to be able to do that first. Then apply wisdom with every move you decided to make during the separation. Make sure to part in peace and you can achieve this by being tough and strict and being a good-hearted person. That's it! Make sure you know what you want before making a move in life. Keep getting Realwithkem 😘😘