Love: Beautifully Ugly

What is created with love can only thrive with love. It is with love God created man so for man to thrive in this life, he must dwell in love. But that is obviously not what is in play in the world today, precisely our country Nigeria where everyone thinks of nothing but one's self. Hatred, greed, religious division, ethnic disunity, et al has made everything beautifully ugly and surpassed the reign of love that we ought to be basking in.

Bothered with this realisation, Abuja based poetess, Andokie Ogar writes on the absolute absence of love in our country.

Read the poem below...

Love ! Love! Love!
Right ,left. All round
Parents ,teachers ,siblings
Everyone talks of love!
The Bible mentions it
The apostles preached it
Christ made it a command
All around it's being echoed
Husband to wife
Parents to children
Boy to girl
Girl to boy
Teachers to students
Everywhere it's being heard
Nations pretend they practice it
Churches preach it
Babies cuddle it
Toddlers embrace it
Teenagers experiment with it
Adults practice it
All round , all about
Everywhere it's been heard
So much of love, yet wars won't cease
So much talked about,yet hatred increases
Love love love, yet killings every day
Hammered by sects, yet our society is being ravaged by sin
Sang as hymns, yet corruption fight back at corruption
O how the clouds are turning dark ,and the light fading so quickly
O love! Where have thou gone?
Indeed the world needs love.