QUESTION: What you have today, do you think it is your wisdom that gave them to you?, Enakhena asks

Most of us have heard psychology on what makes true love true and have read the books with educated points of view but have we heard vivid descriptions on the need for a thankful heart towards our God or read the scriptures on the essence of imbibing in a gratitude feeling unto God? In a message titled 'Gratitude', Apostle Benson Enakhena preaches prominent insights on how vital a thankful heart to God is to us, the difference between healing and made whole and how man' s quest for more blinds him from seeing God 's grace upon his life.

Describing gratitude as the quality of being thankful, readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness, Enakhena said that sometimes we teach our children gratitude but we don't practice it.

Enakhena asked: When you are asking God do you always ask for mercy? then after collecting do you always come back with a heart of thanks?

psalm 107: 1 - 2

He went on with the questions saying: How many times are you aware of when God redeems you from your enemies? You just sleep and wake up but do you know what happened in the realm when you were sleeping? Do you know how many angels watch over you at night? what you have today, Do you think it is your wisdom that gave them to you? because you are alive today, Do you think you are smarter than those that are dead? Do you think you are more prayerful than those that are no more? Do you think you are better than those that are in the grave? still you are complaining, you don't have a heart of thanks. When God gives you a baby girl you would be complaining that you want a boy but there are some people without hope, there some people without marriage, when God gives you a baby girl you would be crying that you need a help but there is  somebody without a child, there is somebody somewhere living a miserable life, there is somebody who has not taken breakfast and has no hope for food in the evening, yet you are not giving thanks to him.

"We keep requesting without saying thanks for the things God has done for us. God knows the heart of man that is why He didn't say I will supply all your wants but all your needs. You are praying for a bungalow now, when God gives it to you, you will say oh how I wish I can have a house in Ogudu GRA, when He gives you one in Ogudu, you will say why not VGC then after that again you will say why not in Canada. We keep asking, but not thankful for the one God has done. That situation you are and you are complaining some people are looking at you with admiration saying how I wish I can be like that my sister, oh how I wish I can be in the position of that man.

"Have you ever wondered in awe of appreciation to God on why you have such grace in your life...there is a grace God has given to you he never stops but we refuse to recognize them because we are looking for more, we are fighting for more. We are not always thankful, that is the problem of man. There is nothing that is too big or too serious for one not to say thank you God for what you have done.

"It is paramount that in any situation, you see Jesus inside that problem, don't pay attention to that problem but to what God is telling you over that situation.

Enakhena cited that there was a situation where a business came for him but just after a bit into it, the business was called off and it caused a big discomfort. "It was weekend and the first sunday of the month where I had to dance to the lord . So, I paid the tithe of the business's profit even though it was not done. Then in the afternoon of that day I received a call concerning the business and on that very day I got times three of the profit of the business", what am I telling you? no matter the situation trust in the lord...hold on to the lord...believe God!

"Something happened recently that I was troubled and I asked God I said why is it that those that are not serving you, you still allow them to be blessed and those that serve you are awaiting your blessing and God said son: Satan is not fighting them because they are his candidate already, going to hell fire, He said Satan don't want to give them problem that will bring them close to me.

"When you are giving thanks to God more doors are being open unto you. If somebody gives me 1 million today, I collect it and he/she does the same thing again and it happens the third time, I collect it with no expression of thanks...he would stop and question him/herself on my unthankful attitude. Then why do you think God will continually preserve your life, keeping you, doing things for you and you don't wake up one day and say today I want to thank you God not to request for anything but only to thank you.

Luke 17:11 - 15

Enakhena put to play his scripture analysis prowess with the above scripture, asking that: Do you know that leprosy was the highest stigma in those days? its a sickness that kills the flesh, cuts off the fingers and tongues of the people creating sore, slaying...such people were kept in an isolated place at the gate of the town because of the smell and infection, they kept them far away and looked at them as simple and unclean people. That is the situation this very ten men were facing in the society and the Bible says that they stayed far and far with the fear that if they get closer they will be driven back. 


  • That position you are thinking that you are not qualified for, God will qualify you for it, it doesn't matter your career or qualification, the almighty God that qualified Joseph, shall qualify you by fire in the name of Jesus.

"These lepers believe that this master, the son of David, had the power to forgive sin. That is faith. In that process, their healing has started. They opened themselves believing that this man is not just a prophet but the Messiah, when he shows us mercy we shall be healed.

"I want to tell you how faith carried the ten lepers. Jesus did not pray for them He said go to a priest and with no argument or murmuring they did as Jesus instructed, they had absolute faith in Jesus, they believed in Him and knew what He can do.


  • I pray for someone, as you believe in Jesus, as you follow His instruction, Jesus will not fail you in the name of Jesus.

"Immediately they turned to see the chief priest, they didn't get there, they got healed on their way. The healing was not in the hands of the Chief Priest, what Jesus wanted to know is, if they will heed to His instruction. When God says come and do this in my house, is a privilege. When God chooses you as an Usher, is a privilege. When God chooses you as a pastor, is a privilege. I am not better than you the congregation. I am not better than you sitting down listening to me. It is a privilege that you are sitting down here, listening to me. When you begin to take the grace of God for granted that grace will begin to grow basket.


  • May we not take the grace of God for granted in the name of Jesus.

"Inside the ten lepers,one of them came back to rejoice. Do you know what is wrong with our society? When we are looking for something from God we know how to shout and pray but when God gives  you like fifty million now, that strong vim you used to cry to God when requesting it will become weak.

"The one that came back, after shouting a loud voice, he rolled his hands and wiped the feet of Jesus...saying to Him I have been made whole, thank you father, thank you Lord, thank you Jesus. And Jesus asked a question saying: where are the remaining nine?

Prayer Point

  • Say father, I will not be among the remaining nine that did not come back, give me the grace to testify in the name of Jesus.

"Do you know why you find that even strangers in the church are being blessed much more than the members? It is because there are times these strangers believe the pastor more than the members. Members take the pastor' s anointing, friendship, prayers for granted, asking that have we not been praying for thirty years what else is he going to pray?

The one that is not from where Jesus came from, he came back but others didn't.


  • Whether it is convenient for Satan or not, whether it is convenient for the marine kingdom, coven, powers of your father's house or not, this month shall be your month of perfection in the name of Jesus.

"Today you will know that there is a difference between healing and made whole. when you have just been healed people would ask: what is this scar? and you will say it is that accident I had but when Jesus made him that returned whole, there was no scar.


  • The Lord will do something in your life that will change your crisis into testimony in the name of Jesus.

  • That testimony that your parents or best friend will not believe shall fall upon you in the name of Jesus. 

When you are attached with the habit of appreciation, unqualified blessings begins to locate you. But when you say is it not only 10,000 naira he gave you? hah you are locking more doors against yourself. Enakhena enjoined the congregation to say to their neighbors: remember where you started from.

"Don't be too shy or too big to testify of the goodness of God upon your life. Obedient in faith brings healing. if you are not obedient to the word of God you cannot receive healing. you must be committed to the word of God."