PHOTOS: Nighttime at Mahogany Hotel and Suites (Ibadan)

One of the chief sides of the beauty of a destination hotel is the nighttime. Having spotlighted the Mahogany Hotel and Suites  (Ibadan) with an advertorial, Godfreytimes Travel brings you what nighttime is like in this hospitality of qualitative experience.

Just after I ate a freshly prepared poundo yam and egusi soup with evident enjoyment, in company of the hotel manager, Mr. Foxx Smith Abang, I explored this hotel that in its majesty was created to furnish guests with an unparalleled hospitality experience and find that nighttime here is utter calm and vital peace.

Godfreytimes and the hotel manager

Owing to its relationship with light which means perfection, Mahogany Hotel and Suites (Ibadan) is a wonder in the mentions of hospitality destinations with its nighttime beauty.

Just as the shoreline prides itself with the company of the sea, so does the Ivory Pool Bar (where drink culture thrives with varieties of drinks for varietal choices ranging from tropical, cocktails, refreshing chilled juices and more) with the company of a Swimming Pool and they are attractions that ensures nighttime experience at the Mahogany Hotel and Suites is what contributes to what makes you reminisce your stay here.