PHOTOS: See how Oyo crowded into Liberty

In the history of inaugural ceremonies in the horticultural state, never has this kind of crowd been recorded at the Liberty Stadium, venue of the swearing-in ceremony.

Armies of dignitaries, legions of citizens flooded the event to witness the ceremony that marked the beginning of a fresh start to the right path in Oyo State.

It was a crowd that evidenced what it means for power to be restored to the people and how they appreciate the visibility of hope that they have so much longed for.

Fuji delight, Alhaji Taye Adebisi Akande popularly known as Taye Currency powered the venue with the needed rhythms of elation with varities of fuji gyrational sounds.

Could this be a start of something good for the citizenry of the pace setter state? has liberty and deliverance met Oyo? only the next four years can answer these questions.

Below are some pictures...