Sound of Music

What do you see when you look at art? Can you interpret art when you see one? Does art reveal itself to you when you are looking at it? Its a yes for Joy David, a 200 level student of Tai Solarin University of Education studying Library and Information Science as she shares with you what she sees in the painting above.

Read what she sees in the painting she titled "Sound of Music" below...

The Guitar in this painting strikes me first, the three religions in the painting gives it's impact and meaning to it. Music is life and religion is a particular system of faith and worship. Music connects the mind and soul together, makes it to awake the inner strength and spirit to flow unhindered.

The three religions showed in this painting are all connected through music. The Christians sing in church to awaken their spiritual souls and body, Muslims sing to show appreciation to their creator while the traditionalists are known to chant their incantation in form of singing it to their gods mostly if they want to reconnect or ask for something from their deities.

In every ceremony or festival of this three religions, there is always a music to keep the people flowing together. Everyone drawn in this painting looks happy because of the various music played in each Tabernacle which are the Christians, Muslims and traditional religions.

Despite the difference and ways of worshipping their creator, the sound of music is still there to reconnect the people together.

Editor's note:The painting whose actual  title is "In His Presence", is a property of Genesis Art Gallery.


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