The Carrier, My Priceless Jewel


After sharing what she saw in a painting titled "In His Praises" by the curator and director of Genesis Art Gallery with "Sound of Music", Joy David throws her strength of interpreting the art on this art-piece above.

The 200 level student of Tai Solarin University studying Library and Information Science, titled this art "The Carrier, My Priceless Jewel"

Beautiful woman of my heart, not only did she love babies even before her own baby was announced to her, but have loved babies and patiently waiting for her own baby to be formed in her womb.     

You are like a rose, nobody knows when you are happy or in pain but the touch of your hands around your womb makes me to feel safe, only you know the type of food and work out to do for my health in your womb. With your feminine touch, you make me dance to your song, while waiting patiently in your womb. 

The care and help of people around you makes you to forget the pain you go through because of me.             

All things will be beautiful in my life because of your illuminating spirit.... indeed you are a true carrier and my priceless jewel.