ARAMIDE'S PERSPECTIVES:I cannot cook: now a thing of pride??


"I cannot cook" she said proudly picking her nails.
Sometimes I wonder what some ladies were thinking before they say they can't cook, which leaves me wondering  if its their moms that still cook at home as old as these ladies are. The way some ladies emphasize  on the fact that they cannot cook,  one would think its a thing  of pride.

Learning how to cook is not so compulsory  but it is a necessary thing at least one as a lady should  know how to do the basics even if one cannot make special dishes.

Some ladies think not being able to cook or claiming  they  can't  cook would earn them respect,  make them look more sophisticated or make guys love them more(at least not a dumb skull).

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Does being proud of not able to cook makes you a good wife ??  If a husband very proudly says that he doesn’t need to cook, would he be looked at with the same admiration? Definitely NO. So why are we making a hero out of a wife or a lady who is proud of not being able to cook ??

Not being able to cook definitely does not make one a bad wife. But rendering cooking as one of unimportant tasks which doesn’t require any attention and also being proud of that fact definitely makes one a bad person if not a bad wife. Cooking is an art. 
Not being able to cook should not be a thing of pride!