REVEALED: Thanksgiving is the highest prayer of all—it is eternal, says Enakhena

Nothing is more certain than the given that we can achieve virtually nothing our own way—only in the ways of the Lord, we can achieve a whole lot of things and ride on possibilities—Jesus Christ is perfection, the only direction we need in this very life—all we need do is what we should and what we should do is follow the ways of the Lord. Following His ways brings about immense possibilities from the very depths of impossiblities.

There are those who follow His ways but appear to be faltering, owing to their habituation in prayers only, ignoring the biggest thing of all as regards of praying. Jesus lived an exemplary life but emulating those examples, seems to be the hardest thing for us to do —why is thanksgiving difficult for man? why is it that some people are not blessed despite how they run to God constantly? Answers to these questions and more you would find in this message "Thanksgiving opens the Door of Miracles ", by Apostles Benson Enakhena who also revealed the power in thanksgiving and described it as the highest prayer of all.

Ever-constant with ruining the rhythms of ignorance with his cast-iron insights, Enakhena said men don't give thanks to God before miracles because they don't believe—it is because we don't believe that's why we are waiting for a miracle before we give thanks to God. If we believe and have assurance that what the Lord has said shall come to pass in our life, we will give thanks before the miracle...."Father I thank you", the Lord giving thanks to the Lord—being Jesus Christ the Lord, what are you expecting at this moment? you are waiting for Him to say "roll away the stone and bring out Lazarus, Lazarus come forth ", but no! the Lord gave thanks. Did he pray? not waiting for an answer, Enakhena went on: you don't know thanksgiving is the highest prayer of is higher than is eternal. if you start any prayer without giving thanks, you have failed already. 


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"Giving thanks before prayers is like putting a fresh engine in your car before starting the engine. Jesus was giving this thanks because of the people that gathered before him—He has already given God thanks, He wanted the people to know how important thanks is to God...He said "I am doing this because of those that are gathered before me so that they may know that you are the one that sent me", When even you as a pastor, today you are told you friend is dead, you will go and begin to speak in tongues and pray fire, bring down anointing, no! When Jesus came he looked at the tomb, these people were seeing a dead and a rotten body but Jesus was seeing Lazarus alive.

from today you will not see evil, setback, or disappointment...all you will see shall be the glory of the Lord in the name of Jesus.

Sometime ago I was telling my wife somebody asked me, why is it that when they tell me something I will say no problem? I said because I am not a prophet of doom...just as my sister said during her testimony, when she came to me, she told me a prophet said...then I told her that is the prophet, as for me I don't see any problem. The day you will deliver, you will have a safe delivery. She will come back crying to me saying I had a bad dream and I will tell her no, I say no problem. After enjoining his members to say I don't have problem, all I have is the glory of God, Enakhena continued with  ruining this ignorance saying: the tongue carries fire, it either brings life or it brings death—what you claim is what you will take.

"When his sisters cried to Jesus, what did he tell the disciples? He said Lazarus is sleeping. what a powerful God—He waited, first day, second day, third day, fourth day...when He said remove the stone from the tomb, his sister said: My Lord by this time he stinks.

Every smelling situation in your life shall receive life in the name of Jesus...

"I don't care to know about that thing that seems dead that you have given up hope on, Lazarus had no hope in the grave...a dead man has no hope...a dead man does not know whether the children are sick or suffering because he has given up on hope but Jesus came to the tomb, He gave Lazarus hope. He gave him fresh life and when Lazarus came back to life, he was not sick again. That is why I enjoined you to pray this prayer point sometime ago "any death in form of sickness in my life die",  because the death that wants to take a man comes in form of a sickness. When you undermine it, it takes over, it becomes a landlord.

Any Satanic stranger in your life shall give way from today, in the name of Jesus.

"Jesus looked at the tomb and gave thanks to the Lord. Immediately Lazarus came back to life. Enakhena enjoined his members to ask their neighbors: how many times do you give thanks to the Lord a day? but the Lord has given thanks to the Lord.

Enakhena upped the ruining adventure,saying: I have told you in this house, even as a prayer warrior, if you are only habituated in praying only and not following the ways of God, when God wants to show you mercy He will only give you what you deserve but if you take your time to observe the ways of God and obey them He gives you more than what you deserve.

To reaveal another  miracle that came with thanksgiving, Enakhena read the book of John 6:10 and said: about five thousand were sitting down waiting, after praying from morning till night they were tired and hungry. Then he read verse 11 and asked: after doing what? not waiting for an answer, he went on: giving thanks for having five loaves of bread and two pieces of fish for five thousand people...women were not counted, children were not counted but the Lord gave thanks—when you give thanks to the Lord you are full, you dwell in abundance, you dwell in overflow.

"It was a little lad that brought the food and the Lord looked at them and gave thanks to the Lord...He said father I thank you because this will satisfy all your children but when you say ahh this will not even be enough for me and my family, you have lost it because you have pronounced that it will not be enough. The bible says in all things learn to give thanks to the Lord—not ah, I had already projected that when the money from that business arrives I will buy that corolla but so sad it didn't...what about those that bought it and had accident with it that led to their death? aah that contract I was pushing to get in Akure didn't not come, do you know what would have happened to you on your way to Akure if the contract was given to you? God knows how to assemble your destiny better than you think.

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"I have no problem and not bothered about anything because I know the Lord is in control—if you know that your God is in control, why are you bothered? why are you troubled? We are bothered because we don't key into the truth. Pray, fear the lord, follow his ways, give him thanks, do what he asked you to do, follow the commandments—thanksgiving is difficult for man because we are not broken...when you are broken for the Lord, you see everything you do for God...whatever you do for the least of brethren among you, you are doing it for God...but if you say:aahh this birthday of mine am going to do it in the motherless baby's home and then you turn around and say I only have 50,000 naira its not even enough, let me give it to my neighbor so we can those neighbors of yours that have food to eat in the house are better than those in the orphanage home? Don't you know that by celebrating them you are telling God thank you for my life, that I know my father and I know my mother, I am not homeless? Do you know what it is to grow up and don't know the state you are from? You are getting married and don't know if he or she is your relative? You don't know your father or mother and you arr now shown love? when you show love to such people you are telling God thank you.

"As we are here this morning some people are in the hospital, paying money for their arms to be amputated, for their eyes to be operated, for their legs to be operated on but we are here this very day to the glory of God...some are also there paying thousands of naira for oxygen but we are here to the glory of God breathing in and out free —you want something you stretch your hand and take it, you can move about with your legs, everything is free but we are still telling God I want 30,000,000 if you don't give it to me I won't give you thanks—some people are not being blessed because God knows some certain blessing will take them away from Him. Let me ask you something, if you know that if you send your son to the US he will become wayward are you going to send him there? If man can deprive his child of such blessing to prevent him or her from being wayward, what about your creator? Do you think that God will give you a blessing that will take you away from him? be broken, the bible says "seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness"