Why should I Love you less?


    Despite  living in each other's heart and I holding you to myself, I still can't have enough of you. No matter how hard I try to love you less, you always leave me with a feeling that can't just seem to die. A minute of your absence seems like an hour. The only words that echo in my brain and mind are your voices. Thinking of you alone gives me assurance of a better future. Each time I push you a foot away, you pull yourself back closer  than ever before. You always give me a reason to hold you closer and look into your eyes to read unspoken love you have for me. The closer I look at you the more I see the feelings written all over you. Our arguments session always seem like two warriors on a battlefield but the love I have for you always bring me to submission and realization that I am part of you and I have to compromise for things to straighten out. Despite how tough and strong you are, you still leave me a  soft part in your heart that makes me keep falling in love with you. You also give me reasons  I should want you in this life and life after. You never see what I do wrong, instead you see what you want me to do better. My dearest soulmate, if I have the chance to negotiate with our creator, I will request for a reservation of you and I will pay all my dues just to have you. Thanks for the gift of love. Always. Get Realwithkem 

Kemi Ademilola blogs as REALWITHKEM