Will You Be There?

    I believe you when you tell me you do love me. Yeah! I feel comfortable resting my head on your chest, and your hands moving gently over my skin. Your sweet voice saying to me ’I will always be there Babe! Look into my eyes and let's get emotionally connected. Can I see with your eyes when mine are not right"?

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The words ’I will be there’ means you will be able to hold me tight whenever we have a storm. What will you do when our enemies try to break us? Will you be prepared when they tell you I'm a wrong person and will you let them know I'm wrong to them so I can be your right? Babe! As you know, our love is ordained from heaven and it will definitely attract intruders. Can you handle it when the whole world comes against me? My sweetheart! Be free to hold me tight against my wish and never let go if that is the only way to keep me away from the wolves. Remember! Since that day I made the declaration to be yours, I live in you and you in me. I choose you before my family and friends, so remember your promise to be there when I need you, my love. Always get Realwithkem!!


Dunamis Kente

Kemi Ademilola blogs as REALWITHKEM