Enakhena describes heaven as the reward of all rewards

Here is a message that would get you into pondering a whole lot about yourself in every spheres of life.

Like the Israelites under the leadership of Moses and other prophets of God who led them in the days of old, members of El-Shaddai Salvation Family Ministries (ESFM) are basking in the divine privilege of having to get messages from God through His servant, revered apostle Benson Enakhena, a senior pastor of the church.

As always, Godfreytimes Lifestyle, brings to its esteemed readers, another message of God from a church set to cause a positive shaken in the spheres of religious tourism in not-too-distant future.

With scriptures from the incomparable book (Bible), Enakhena preached the most beautiful thing any man or woman created by God should always have—the message of God.

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Enakhena accompanied series of very vital questions he asked with divine insights on the reward when you give, how you handle others, what you must do to have a heavenly reward and disclosed the reward of all rewards in this message titled: In every step and decision of a man there's a reward.

Below is the message

What is a reward? It is a thing given in recognition of service, effort or achievement...a reward is something that is given in return for a good or bad service rendered by someone. In other words, a reward can be positive and it can be negative. A reward giving to a man, either makes or maim him. Do you know there is a reward for every of your actions?  Do you know there is a reward for every of your decisions? What kind of decision did you used to take? what actions did you take? From this day, learn to take the right action and decision so your reward shall be positive.  

This day, I have some news to give to you; as you work in the vineyard of the Lord, as you help the poor, as you do positive things, you shall have your positive reward in the name of Jesus.   Let me tell you, if you like, you believe or throw it away, in every decision of a man, every action of a man, there must be a reward. You can never stand on a fence. if you are silent over someone else's trouble, you are telling God to be silent over your own trouble. if you refuse to interceed for people, let me tell you, the day you will need intercession, people will refuse to interceed for you. When you wake up for other people's responsiblities, God wakes up for your own responsibilities.

Matthew 7:2 

What are you saying about others? when you condemn others you shall be condemned. when you bless others you shall be blessed. whatever you say about others shall be repeated onto you. Its your reward. You are expecting one billion naira from God and you have hundred thousand naira with you, your neighbor is hungry looking for hundred naira to eat and you are aware, you have the money but you say let him die...then you are expecting God to release that one billion naira to you? no no no. God's ways doesn't not work that way. Whatever measure you measure to the poor, same shall be measured to you by those that are higher than you...in life we have step by step. What are you measuring out? what are your measures today? Your reward may not be today or next year but I am telling you, it is waiting.

Colosians 3: 23 - 24

Whatever you are doing to that brother or sister, know that you are not doing it to that beloveth, but onto the Lord. If you are condemning that man saying he is too happy for your liking, you are condemning his creator. if you are condemning that lady calling her a little brat...she is a nobody, you are calling her creator a nobody.  Every good thing you do, when you bless someone don't wait for him or her to say thank you. Infact I hate thank you. Know that as you are doing it, you are doing it unto the Lord. Whatever you do in the house of God, you do it to the Lord. whatever you do to the less privileged around you, you do it unto the Lord. You are not doing it for humanity. Until you have this mentality you are not yet born again. Whatever you are doing that is good, you are serving the Lord and don't expect a reward back. A man that gives and expects a reward from the same person he is giving, your reward is  no longer coming from heaven again because you are already requesting your reward back on earth. When you are expecting a reward from whom you have invested in, your harvest shall be on earth and it shall be carnal and shall be little. Whoever does wrong shall receive such and there is no respect for such a person.

Galatians 6:9

Every negative thing we have done may God show us mercy, in the name of Jesus. may we not be rewarded with our past evil, in the name of Jesus.

Do not look backward when you are doing good and know that there must be a negative reaction when you are doing good. You give someone a thousand naira today and he or she sees you the next day and ignores you...that doesn't not stop you from giving another person five thousand naira.  The bible says: do not be weary in doing good, do not faint because in due time you shall have a reward....when you faint you are delaying your reward. People may fool you even in the church. Don't live a life that you will be hiding from people. Live a life that your enemies will see you and they will start hiding. You have done God's own, leave him or her to God. Even in the church today when you are trying to do things right, people will be trying to pull you down. Do not look back. You are not serving that man or woman. You are serving your God. There is no way you would do that thing and there will be no negative reaction but do not pay any attention to it. Pay attention to the word of God. Let the word of God settle your tomorrow.

Matthew 25:21 

The Lord has already added good before the faithful.
Do you know that there is a faithful servant that is not good? if God gives you the spirit of deliverance now because you are faithful, if you don't use it to edify the body of Christ, people are sick and you refuse to pray for them, are you good? You are faithful but you are not good. You are living a holy life, you refuse to talk to your neighbor because he is taking alcohol or she is a prostitute, you are not good. Who will take them to the Lord? You are not good when you are not fruitful through the word of God. You must speak to others about the love of Christ. The fruit is not for only you. The little God has given you how have you been fruitful and faithful with it? how have you been distributing it that you are expecting much? if God has giving you the gift of teaching, you don't teach your family or your church and you are telling God you want to speak in tongues, you want God to add to the one he has given to you(that you are not using)...God has given you two hundred naira and there is somebody in your house, church that is without a transport but you refuse to share and you are telling God to give you two million before you share? you are wasting a whole lot of your time becuase God is not a gambler. Our God is not a gambler. 

There is a reward when you give.

Luke 6:38

It says give and it shall be given unto you!!  As you are looking for that blessing, who are you giving to? there is somebody you are better than...there is no two ways around it. there is somebody in the church, community or compound that you are better than...what have you been giving? If you don't have money don't you have prayers? If you don't have prayers don't you have advice? If you don't have advice don't you have a little thing you can give? Even in the house of God you ask yourself, am I useful? The chair you are sitting on, somebody bought it. The generator we are using somebody bought the fuel. Somebody bought this microphone...what is your use in the house of God? What am I giving that I am looking for a running over? God said to Solomon"because your father has given his service, I will not take this blessing away from you...your father has given and he deserves a positive reward...He said but this negative thing you are doing, your children will inherit the reward and said but I will leave a portion for one of your sons because of his grandfather's sake...the positive reward of David moved to the grandchildren" In every of your decision today you should know and be aware that the reward either positive or negative, is going to your children and grandchildren. We must change our ways.  Let me tell you, some parents are not witches and wizards but do you know why you go for prayers today and they tell you your mother is a witch, your father is a wizard? the lifestyle he or she has lived is telling on you negatively. Then if you now meet a servant of God, that is not truly a servant of God and he begins to see your parents negatively, he will begin to give you a negative counsel. May we not live a life that our children will be running away from us.

There is a reward on how you handle others.

 Luke 6:31-35

If you love the people that love you, what is the reward? because even the unbelievers love themselves...if you do good to them that do good to you, what is the reward? Because pastor prayed for me yesterday, I must give him bottled water...the shunamite woman, did Elijah pray for her before she accomodated him? before she built a house for him? before she equipped the home for him? No! but she got her reward. It did not pass her by.  Her reward, she did not request for it before it was given to her. When you do the right thing, before you open your mouth to pray, God is already answering your prayers. Love ye your enemies, this is a difficult point because you don't even know your enemies. Someone told my wife "I have so many clothes I have not use for years but because of the things that are happening, I don't want to give the clothes or my shoes to anybody", where is that said in your bible? who is creating that deep fear in you? Ooh but you want God to change your wardrobe? You still have clothes. As long as you are not giving them out, as far as the Lord is concerned, your wardrobe is filled up. If you have refused to empty your wardrobe to the needy, then you are not expecting a fresh one from the Lord. And when you are giving like this: eeh I will give this shirt to my cousin and this to my sister's daughter, there is no reward! That person with no connection with you is who God wants you to help. If you help your brother you are helping yourself because there is a blood connection. Meet that man, brother how are you doing? what is the issue? Even that man that is a deep sinner or a pagan, help him out! that help can bring him to the Lord! If you cannot talk to an unbeliever, what kind of christian are you? Jesus Christ died with an  unbeliever but what did he say? He said do not yoke with an unbeliever and this means do not do what the unbelievers are doing. Because I go into a hotel to preach to prostitutes doesn't mean I am doing what they are doing...it is when I begin to do what they are doing, then I am yoking with them. If you do not go and preach to them who will preach? Are they going to preach to themselves? If you don't love the sinner you are running away from, follow the person up with prayers and tell God to change him or her...who is going to change the unbeliever? Let me ask you something, Who have you changed? who have you shown love to? who hates you so much that you have never shown love to? Loving your enemy is the highest reward you can get from heaven. It is the greatest. Jesus came to die for the sinners. The people He came to die for were the same people that crucified Him. But on the cross He said: father forgive them for they do not know what they are doing. have you been showing someone love? If you don't see your neighbor in the church, do you call him or her?

If we need heavenly reward, we must give in secret. (See that lady going, that shoe she is wearing I bought it for her. When she needed fifty thousand naira it was me who helped her out.), then you have taken your reward. You want to give pastor 30,000 naira, you didn't do it when you were alone with him but when people were around him you bring out the money and say pastor take. You quietly go to your pastor and tell him you don't have transport fare and he says wait, after a while he shouts it out: ah you said you don't have transport fare come and take. The bible says when your right hand is giving do not allow your left hand to see it. That hand that is taking, is speaking. Sometime ago, I was in an NNPC filling station with my former driver, as we parked waiting to buy fuel, we observed that some people were point at us, then in no time one of them came to us, I wind down my window and said yes can I help you? he said are you not that pastor in Ogudu? I said there are so many pastors in Ogudu which one do you know? he said are you not the one that is opening small businesses for people? I said I don't understand. Then he said are you not the one that opened a business for my sister? I said I am not aware. He opened his hands and said pastor pray for me. When I brought out my hand to pray for him, others came. I prayed for them and left. Even as we left the filling station I have no idea who he was talking about. While am on that with my thoughts, on our way, my former driver said: Oga if na bad thing you don do na so them for target you there o. That is a reward. The next day a woman called me from another state and said  "my brother that works in Lagos said he saw you yesterday, I once told him about you.", What are people saying about you? Here in El-Shaddai Salvation Family Ministries we give and no one will here about it. That is our mission and our goal. Because it is written that your right hand should give and your left hand should have no knowledge of it. Even if my wife gives you something don't come and tell me thank you let alone tell me to thank my wife for you. And if I give you don't come and tell me thank you or go to my wife or even call me on the phone to say thank you. I don't need it. I am doing it for the Lord I am not doing it for you. If your hands are tied you are blocking your own destiny unknown to you. Lose your hands! 

I want you to ponder over this: The life I am living now what result am I waiting for? The things I am doing now, the decisions and actions I am taking now, what reward awaits my children? 

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The reward of all rewards, is the reward of going to heaven. If you are rewarded with material things,  it is not a reward valid for you to go to heaven. It is vanity upon vanity.

Revelation 22:12

Some people are not here because it is raining. If rapture was to take place now what are they going to tell God?) The day the Lord opened my eyes in 2013 to know that even the attendance and time of coming to church in every day of our lives is written in heaven...I marvelled! Your date of late coming is written, so is your date of absence. When Jesus comes now to reward us who is going to be free? Will you be in that number? If this week God decides to rain down blessings from heaven according to your reward what will be your percentage?


  • Father every negative life my father and mother has lived by your mercy I refuse to inherit the reward. every negative action or decision my parents have taken father by your infinite mercy, do not let my children inherit the reward

  • Father every good life my father and mother has lived, father let the reward be mine...do not allow the reward to pass me by.

  • Father every wrong decision or action I have taken that will amount to a negative reward, father show me mercy. Do not allow me to inherit negative reward.
  •  Father every good thing I am doing now do not allow the reward to pass me by.