POEM: Love! Love! Love!

By Ando Ogar

Right ,left ,all round
Parents, teachers, siblings
Bible, Encyclopedia, Google
Everyone and everything mentions it
Jesus made it a command
Husband to wife
Parents to children
Boy to girl ,girl to boy
It is echoed all round
It is heard all round
From the creation of the earth
Nations believe in it's practice
Churches preach it
Babies cuddle it
Toddlers embrace it
Teenagers accepts it
Adults practice it
Scientists experiment with it
Astrologers search for it
All round, everywhere it is echoed
Love ! Love! Love
Hate is in the increase
Wars everywhere
Bomb flying over the air
Death in thousands
Hard times rapidly increasing
Suicide stealing the youths
O this thing call love, how so you have turned the clouds black, o love the world needs you, love where art thou?