POEM: Slowly slowly slowly

By Ando Ogar

It's all getting clearer
The dim of the light
The faded memories
The blurred vision
The almost forgotten dream
It's all coming back
As the wind blows
The sun sets
The dark fades
The birds sing
The day is dawn
River rumble
Streams whisper
Rain drops beats the ceiling
Clouds get dark
Butterflies in my belly
As the cold breeze hits my face
Streams of glow beckoned
And then light beamed at me
Yes! Slowly it's all coming back
As light becomes brighter
Memories restored
Vision clearer
Dreams remembered
Yes! It's all coming back
As the clouds get brighter
And the birds chattered
The rain thundered
Grasses then whispered
The words blew sweetly
It's OK! Its OK!
And then it all came back
As though nothing was lost.


  1. It sure has fi come back for a positive purpose. Beautiful poem. Andor Ogar is at it.

  2. Beautiful poem my friend. It will all come back bigger and better.

  3. Hmmm...awesome Gladstone memories. Nicely put Ando, nicely put.


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