Power of Understanding

By Kemi Ademilola

”Baby go slow when you get into me, also go easy when you suck on my breast.” Lovers should be able to tell themselves how they want to be treated.
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That doesn't mean you are an habitual complainer, but just wanting him/her to get to know you. This brings us to know what we want in a relationship. First, you need to find yourself and know what you want from a relationship. Second, you learn to know your partner and identify her needs if you truly love her. If you really want to get what you want in a relationship then you have to give what you have to meet your partner’s needs. Most relationships want love, security, and trust. Love comes from the affection you have for each other. Security comes from understanding yourself and your partner then you can give the security she wants. 
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Trust will definitely build itself if the other two (love and security ) are in place. It is very important for partners to be able to speak up and let your partner know how you want it. 

Kemi Ademilola blogs as Realwithkem