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‘You’re just a barber’ — corps member shares rejection message from love interest

Rejection message

A Nigerian man has shared a message of rejection he received from his love interest on social media.
TheCable reports that Oluwaseyi, a member of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), took to Twitter on Monday to share a screenshot of his conversation with Esther, an undergraduate and his supposed love interest.
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He had made his intentions known to her the previous night through a phone call but got a rude awakening in the morning with a “not too desirous response”.
Esther, who claimed to have known his intentions, sternly rejected his advances because she doesn’t date “corpers”. She also said she cant date him because he is “just a barber struggling to make ends meet”.
“Hi Oluwaseyi, it’s so sad I couldn’t give you my response over the phone when you called, I knew it will actually come to this when you will ask me out,” she said.
“It’s a good thing that you expressed your feelings but the bad thing here is that I can’t date you. Firstly I don’t date corpers, they are overly dependent on that stipend they collect. I know I’m still in school but I can’t.
“Secondly, you’re just another guy out there struggling, you’re just a barber struggling to make ends meet. You don’t have the resources to take care of a lady like me. You have no money and you have no job yet. I appreciate the fact that you are intelligent and brilliant at what you do and you’ve got a lot of plans, but all these don’t bring food to the table and all that can’t take care of me.
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“I’m very sorry, we can only be friends and that is the only thing I can offer. I hope you find your type. Thank you”.