Enakhena unveils real reasons why we must give thanks to God

We have gotten kind of used to giving thanks for what we have and taken focus entirely away from who we are. What we have is not and can never be up to an iota of what we are...which is God's image and likeness. But we neglect this chief reason to give God thanks and dwell on thanking Him for what we have. We even refuse to thank Him because we have not gotten some material things in life...ignoring the fact that or unknown to us, without who we are, there will be no essence to have. We are able to desire or long to have because we are God's image and likeness and in addition to being His special creation, He gave us power and authority to subdue. What reason for thanksgiving is bigger than this? None. Absolutely none and no have-not reasons can justify any man or woman's excuse of faltering when giving thanks to God let alone not giving Him thanks. 

Just as we bring you credible interesting reads from across the nation, Africa and beyond, Godfreytimes continues its tradition of bringing you cogent gospel read from the El-Shaddai Salvation Family Ministries (ESFM) where God's messages are preached by His servant apostle Benson Enakhena.

Having revealed much more than a lot in these messages "Power in Thanksgiving", "Thanksgiving opens the Door of Miracles" & "Thanksgiving through Love", Enakhena  in this message: Why do we give thanks? unveils four real reasons why we must give thanks to the Lord with need-to-know insights and elaborates on the four categories of thanksgiving.

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 Here is the message below...

Say to your neighbor "from today, whatever Satan has said that has been coming to pass in your life, henceforth they will not come to pass, they are cancelled, they are nullified, they are deleted, they are erased, so shall it be", Halleluyaaaah!
Why do we give thanks?...yes the Ekankar people give thanks, even the occultic people give thanks to their occultic god, children give thanks to their parents, you even give thanks to your boss in the office but why do we give thanks to the Lord? have you ever asked yourself why you are giving thanks to the Lord? you have never seen Him, you only read about Him, Feel Him, in faith you believe He is the one that created you but why do we give him thanks? For God to create man different from every other thing He created, man needs to give him thanks. 

Gen 1:26...Do you know what it takes to bring somebody from nowhere and say I want to make this person the way I am, I want this person to be a replica of me? The Almighty God, the creator that was not created, He said let us create man in his own image and likeness(if God did not create man in his own image and likeness God would have destroyed man before today because of his bad attitude), that is why I always tell ladies not to marry a man because he has money because when the money finish you go run and if you are a man show a woman that because of your money she must marry you, when it finishes the woman will run...when there is likeness, there is a possibility of perseverance...God is persevering the bad attitude of man because he created him in his likeness...God regretted creating man but He still showed mercy because He created man in his likeness. 

He did not just create man He said let him have dominion...God was creating but when it came to man He did not do it alone, He said "Let us", imagine such likeness? When He was creating He said let there be light, let there be moon, let there be this, let there be that, He separated the light from the darkness but when it came to man, because he never wanted any blemish, no stain, no mistake, He said let us gather together and create man in our image and likeness and give him dominion. When you are about  to do something  that is spectacular, special to you, you take your time to do it.   God said let us create him, is that not enough for you to give God thanks? After saying it, when he created man, He added to what He had said...He gave man power and authority. You may have power and don't have authority...authority supersedes power. A president is not stronger than the army but he has the authority and on the strength of this authority, he can order the army. But the authority that supersedes every other authority, is the authority of God. When God says yes nobody can say no. When God says today is the end of the President of a country, it is the end. When God withdraws His authority from a man, the man becomes nothing. 

What is in you determines the respect people have for you. If what is in you is empty, people look at you as an empty person. The donkey that carried Jesus was moving it was very happy as they were singing hossanah, spreading their clothes for it to walk on and it was well dressed too but it didn't know that ye that it was carrying was the greatest authority...Carrying Jesus makes you bigger than others, it is enough for you to give him thanks. 

What kills others, God in His mercy when you pray He heals you, the road you pass through many have been dying on that very road, many of us are even sleeping with spiritual battles in our house but God is still protecting us. That person you treasure most can be your enemy. You dine and wine with him or her and spiritually this person is your enemy. But God will be the one protecting your destiny.(In the presence of your enemy today God will prosper you) Gen 1:28  God said subdue it. is it not enough for you to give him thanks? are you wondering why you put the lion in a cage and use it to make money? God has given you the authority already. That's why the animals cannot build houses for themselves, they cannot cook, God has given you the power for you to know that you need the light in the night, you need to wear clothes, dress well, brush your teeth, take your bathe, you have authority, is to subdue.  How many fathers can do that for their children? This companies I have built, I give them to you take it all. In all this, man went ahead and lost this authority in the garden of Eden through disobedience. After losing it, Satan took over the authority, Satan begin to rule over men, he began to rule over the affairs of men, those who are supposed to be slaves began to ride on horses. 

God looked down on earth at the man He created and shook His head (God loves man even when he was a great sinner),
John 3:16 .  You are not born again, you don't know christ, still God loves you. He sent His only begotten son to come and die for your sin. For wider understanding, picture me as a king having a son that is a prince and as a king I gave an order to this church that the doors or the entrance to it should not be opened to anyone because a killer might come in to kill...and I have trained my son on how to fight because am a warrior but you the church that I gave the order, you are not trained to fight, you have no knowledge about such ability, all I did was give you guidance against war. In a little while you decide to open the doors and the windows then armed robbers came in and attacked the whole place, lock you all inside and put the key in their pocket. Then I rise up to tell my only begotten son go there, go and break and enter, rescue my people...take the key from Satan and give it back to them. Am I not going to imagine how the Satan is going to fight my  one and only begotten son? How many men on earth can send only their begotten son? If only to serve God, a man will tell you my son cannot become a reverend father...he is all I have. Then God sent His only begotten son, He said go on, go and fight this battle....the sin He did not commit, the trouble He did not brew up, He said to His son go and rescue my people. And Jesus came, He fought and conquered. He was beaten for the sin He did not commit, He was brutalized, spat on, wore him a crown of thorns, He carried the cross that weighed over a hundred and something kilogram for so much miles, He was nailed upon the cross, even when He was asked a question just so He could rescue Himself, He refused to speak because He wants to die for our sins, then which kind of money is too much for you to give Him thanks?  ...if God ask you what did you bring for us to give Him thanks? ooh I don't have a land, oooh I don't have a house, I have not been able to pay my children's school fees.

I must let you know that however successful your financial life is, it cannot position your children...the  presence of Christ in your home is very vital....A home without Christ, that children are not brought up the right way, be ready to fight the battle in the evening. Parents even if you are not going to Church, ensure you send your children to the church always! The bible says train up a child in the way he should go so that when he or she is old, he or she will not depart from it...If God had sent Jesus far away from Him, He will not send Jesus such an errand. 

Today some of us  that our children are in UniBen, when cultist are fighting you we will start calling the pastor saying make my pikin no go join cult o, what training have you been giving to him in the house? If you have given him a Christlike training, you would not be afraid. The only fear you will have, would be, let no cultist attack my son and not your son joining cult. In Christ there is beautiful life. You cannot understand that beautiful life unless you are in the Spirit. A man in carnal can never understand the beautiful life in Christ. Some of us make God "once in a while" in our lives.   

The reason we must give thanks to God:
1) For creating me in His image and likeness.

 2) For giving me power and authority over every other creation.  

3) For loving me while I am still in deep sin.  

4) For the sufficient grace He has given unto me/ released upon me.

Ephesians 2:8-9 

What is grace? it is unmerited favour. By unmerited favour you are safe in Christ. The grace in Christ that we are enjoying today, we don't merit it but His mercy releases the grace upon us. The grace you are enjoying today is not the works of man. let no man boast, let no pastor boast. It is not the works of  man but works of the Spirit. It is by the works of His mercy that we can tell Satan I rebuke you and he will be rebuked. 

I want to let us know today that we are not too big to give God thanks and we should not be too big to dance for God.  There are four categories of giving thanks...worshiping God, praising Him, dancing for Him and giving Him thanks through offerring. If you remove one inside these four, your thanksgiving is incomplete. You must not be too old to dance for God. You must not be too poor not to have something to give to God. Some of us feel too wealthy to dance for God...how rich are you? are you richer than David?who danced chiefly for God, worshipped God in every ramification...in spiritual battles he was there, in physical battles he was there, in singing, dancing, in the house of God...do you know how God was close to David? in all he still gave God thanks...where are you in the house of God?  Some of us, we have grown wings that we decide what time we come into the house of God. We find ourselves too big to attend the Sunday school...you must humble yourself before the Lord.

In this church today, as an old member, when a new member comes and the usher says you should move for him or her to sit down you refuse and you say you are holy. How holy are you when you have refused a stranger from sitting in the house of your father? How righteous are we? Holiness is to condone the weakness of others. To accommodate the shortcomings of others. Not ooh what that man/woman did today, I will never forgive him or her. That is not the way of the Lord.

Joel 2:25

When God giveth He adds no sorrow. But when Satan gives you one he adds 20 sorrows. I pity men who run to Satan for help. Satan does what he knows how to do best. God's work is to bring His children to Himself...which is heaven. Satan's work is to bring people to his home, which is hell. So he is doing his work. As the children of God are doing their own, Satan is doing his own. It is left for you to know the one you would choose.     

You must know that even if it is garri you drink in the morning, tell God "Father I thank you for this meal", do you know? if you think the meal is not enough, the next morning drive down to KiriKiri prison, drive down to Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH)...the grace of God is higher than the grace a man can ever give to you. If God says you will not die, if they put you in the car heading to the mortuary, on your way somebody will this man or woman's hand is shaking let's bring him or her out of that coffin and you will come back alive. Pronouncement: Every dead situation in your life, in this month of September it shall come back alive, your marriage shall come back alive, your business, finance, health and your destiny shall come back alive in the name of Jesus.

Verse 26 of Joel chapter 2

Let a man that has seen shame tell you what shame is. You take your children to school and you are stopped at the gate and told that your children cannot go in because they have not paid their school fees.  Have you ever seen a man standing as he watch his landlord throwing his things out because he is unable to pay his house rent? Have you ever seen a condition where the doctor would say if you don't have money there will be no treatment and the person ends up dying? these are deep shame...Have you ever seen a situation where you heard that your classmates are gathered somewhere and you cannot present yourself because of your present condition? You hear that your old mate is in town you cannot go there, why? because you cannot measure up. 

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Pronouncement: Every shame you have been facing, Every shame you have been passing through, I take authority from the throne of God, I stand upon the word of God, I wash away the shame with the blood of Jesus.

Verse 27  of Joel chapter 2

The Lord said from today those that are mocking you will know that you are serving a living God.
Pronouncement: Whatever your generation have lost, whatever have been stolen from you in the spirit or in the physical, by the authority in the name of Jesus, there shall be a full restoration by fire, by fire, by fire in the name of Jesus.