Gabriel to Iloaze: Let Us

God is chiefly Love and man His spectacular and special creation, He created with love saying ("Let us", create man in our image and likeness), unlike every other creation He created alone. Man like his creator must say to a woman "Let us" in order to create His image—and like their parents:Pastor Joseph & Pastor Mrs. Joanna Blessed-Odidi and late Mr. Peter & Mrs Josephine Onyekwelu, who with love brought them to life, Gabriel Onyekwelu has said to Iloaze Blessed-Odidi "Let us".

Marriage which brings two nations, states, tribes or ethnic groups and families together, starts with two people concurring to stay with each other for the rest of their lives—having agreed on this, Gabriel who is from Anambra state and Iloaze from Edo state, has with this together-forever brought two states together.

The solemnization of their holy matrimony is  slated to hold on Saturday 28, September 2019 at the Spirit of Life Bible Church that sits on number 5, Giwa-Amu, Benin City, Edo state.

Trending as hashtag Gaze2019, these two will on that day become one love, one life and live happily together thereafter.

See pictures below....