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TRENDING VIDEO: Uber driver whips female passenger

A video of an Uber driver assaulting one of his passengers with a whip is currently trending online.
In the video, the driver was seen with a whip in his left hand, while he ordered the passenger to exit his car.
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“Get out,” he shouted in anger as he applied the whip on the helpless passenger.
“Please let’s get down,” another passenger said while a feminine voice said: “She cannot even come down here.”
Sounding very furious, the driver said “I have been watching her since. Get out! Are you mad?”
The video was first shared by @Stee_vane, a Twitter user.
Uber has reacted to the incident, saying investigation is ongoing. it’s unclear where or when the incident happen.
“We can completely understand your concern. We are aware of this incident, and our incident response team is currently investigating and has been in touch with both parties. If you have any other concerns, please let us know,” Uber wrote on Twitter.
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Watch the video below.