Enakhena: The only thing that will give you light in the darkness of this world, is the word of God

I have been thinking if there's any other nation or country  like Israel in the bible who so much enjoyed the divine privilege of getting messages from God through His servants or prophets. This possibly solidified their foundation spiritually in their little beginning as a people and the manifestation of this solidification could be the fruition of its standing physically and further enabled their growth from strength to strength as a nation. Today, it could be seen as what is helping the small nation to stand so big and mighty right in the midst of their enemies who so wish to wipe them off the face of this earth.  But does Israel still have a servant or prophet chosen by God who leads them today let alone having to still get messages from God? Well, like the Israelites, a church (El-Shaddai Salvation Family Ministries), situated in the economic capital of the West African sub-region is getting messages from the Lord through His servant apostle Benson Enakhena.

Enakhena who has preached several messages from God to his members with "My little beginning" being the first of them all this year, discussed the recent message from the Lord with the children of God he shepherds.

God is deep and man whom He so love, He gave the ability to connect to the strength of the deep — it is on this evidence pastor Benson Enakhena connects to the deep to fork out insights that put out the flames of ignorance of the word of God.

In a brief chat with the president of el-shaddai salvation family ministries, Emmanuel Aliyu who is an architect, described the message "How do you value the word of God" to Godfreytimes as more encompassing.

In this message sent to Godfreytimes, the fiery preacher who finds it best to take five people to heaven than a thousand to hell fire, poured out the message just as God gave it to him.

As always, Enakhena headlined his insights (provided by the Holy Spirit) with scriptures from the bible, disclosed the benefits of valuing the word of God and rounded off with prayers relative to this message.

Read the message below

ask your neighbor, how do you value the word of God? We have so much looked at the word that we don't value it, we don't value our bible. We treat our phones and laptops better than our bible. Even our wallets we treat it better than our bible. The bible has become a trash. It has become a playground . The word is Jesus Christ. How do you handle your bible? how do you handle the word of God? We are use to the word of God today that when we are giving Psalm 23 to use for prayers we say we are familiar with it. Let me find another chapter and pray a better prayer. The big question this day is how do you value the word of God.

Hebrews 4:12 " For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. ", do we belive that the word of God is quick and powerful today? Do we believe that in the word of God there is instant miracle? It is easy for us to say yes with our mouths but is our heart also saying yes? Do you know that what you study is what accommodates your heart or What your heart accommodates is what you study? When you are studying the bible you are not studying the book, you are studying your creator and as you are studying your creator He is taking over your life. The word is the light. (Even the son you gave birth to, if he refuse to understand you, you cannot work together. If he refuse to work according to your laws, you cannot work together. Even at old age it will be difficult to give your properties to your first son because you believe they are not secured in his hands. When you were in primary school, you study your books in order to pass right? but do you know that there is something greater than that very pass? It is one thing to pass and say I have received my first school leaving certificate but it is another thing for you to defend that very first school leaving certificate). Then you get into the secondary school with what? the FSLC qualifies you to write the common entrance examination that you sit for before you are admitted into any of the secondary schools. The word of God qualifies you for the Holy Spirit to dwell in you, the word of God qualifies you to the answers of God. If you don't have the word of God you have nothing. Absolutely nothing. No defence. No salvation. No protection. You are like a man that went to squander years in the higher institution, saying I have graduated from Ambrose Ali University (AAU), yes? Where is your certificate? No certificate. Jesus Christ they say that He is the word, after forty days and forty nights He used the same word to conquer Satan. We claim to be the children of God but what is happenning in our lives today? Satan knows the word better than we do today. Unbelievers go to the social media to change our lives. They bring out words to sweeten the things they are doing and we are keying into them. And begin to behave like them. Why? it is because we do not understand the word of God. We have trashed the word of God. We put it in the dustbin. We don't attach much value to the word of God. The  more you value the word of God, the more you study the word of God and the more you study the word of God, the more you have faith in God. The more you have faith in God, the more you begin to walk in the spirit not in the carnal or physical. Today we are saying marriage is not working, when we have decided to remove the word of God from our marriage. Bible initiated marriage but we are removing the bible from the marriage, then how will the marriage last? You must follow the word of God above every other thing. Some of us we are even ashamed to carry the bible when going to church. We look for a pouch to put it. Jesus Christ said if you are ashamed of me I will be ashamed of you. In some gathering, some children are afraid to say the truth about the word of God. They concur to the majority in the gathering. You sell the negative side to the world and when you do that you are nailing Jesus Christ back to the cross. Value the word of God. When I say now that God bless you, you will say amen but do you value that God bless you that I said? Do you get home and say on the altar of God today pastor said I am blessed then you hold on to it firmly, you begin to study the word of God, you affirm it, where the Lord said He will bless me and what did God say I should not do so that this blessing must manifest. We talked about Isaac in the last message, how a little lie delayed the promises of Isaac. The word his father gave to him, returned back the blessings that he had lost. Value the word.

2 Tim 3:16-17    " All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:
That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good work. ", If you are not following the word of God you are not righteous. There is no two ways about it. Some of us, there are places we see in the bible, if we see the commandment of God we jump it. Even when we are praying we jump to where the blessings are. One day I was teaching a class and I said we are always quick to read the book of Isaiah 54:15 -17 but there's something we are throwing away...that blessing: no weapon formed against me shall prosper, does not belong to everybody. I want you to know the word today. Obey the word. Value the word. Carry the word of God importantly in your life. In every decision of your life ask yourself what is God saying about this situation. Ooh I want to go to Benin city. You embark on a journey to Benin and you call pastor saying I don dey go Benin oo...you did not inquire from the Lord, should I go to Benin? You embark on the journey, why? Because the word of God has become meaningless in our lives. Even in an husband and wife argument, when the wife says darling the word says, he will say forget about  that side let's be realistic. What is realistic outside the word of God? Is it not someone that bought a wild dog and took it home? but he trained the children so that the wild dog cannot bite them but the same wild dog will bite strangers. He said He created the spirit to destroy but He knows His own that the weapon cannot destroy. Any born again is the servant of the Lord. He said this is the heritage of the servant of God. It is for a man that values the word, that studies the word, knows and and act according to the word. You say I was prayed for but the problem is not going away, no! the word of God is lacking somewhere.

Psalm 119:105  " Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. ",  When you are in darkness, how do you value your torch? or when you find yourself in a forest in the mid-night, how do you value that torch? That is what the word of God is to you on this earth. This earth, the bible says we are in a dark place. Dark powers or principalities and powers. The only thing that will give you light in the darkness of this world, is the word of God. It is the lamp and light unto your path that will direct you to where to go, what to eat, when to eat, what to say, next step to take. When you don't value the lamp with you in the forest at night and it falls and quench, what happens to you?

Value the word from today. You have two laptops, you are carrying three phones but you don't have a bible. Error. Error in this generation. When some countries in Asia are crying to have the bible the government has taken away from them, they want to have one, they are longing for the word and it is available for us here but we are not ready to make use of it.

James 1:22 "But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves. ", one thing is to quote Genesis to Revelation but another thing is to be the doer of the word. What you do not value, you can never make use of it. You carry what is useful to you like a raw egg. You don't want it to break. Value the word from today.

Every word that you pass through in the word of God means something in your life. There is no passage in the bible that does not mean anything to man. I once told us here, when you want to study the word, carry your bible and say father as I am about to study your word, give me understanding. Else you would read that bible for more than eight hours and get no understanding. The bible is not a novel neither a textbook. The fruits of the Holy Spirit comes from the word (which is your certificate when you are through with high school, next is the higher institution) when you know the word and there is no fruit of the Holy Spirit then you don't know the word. You brag about how long you have been in the church yet you are the problem of your family, you are the problem in your community, you are the problem in the church. You are the problem in the compound you are living in and you have spent 30 years in the church and saying that what does somebody who has just spent two years got to tell you? And this person who just gave his life to Christ is bringing peace to the church, family, community, and the compoud he/she is living in. Then who are you?

Luke 11:28   "Luke 11:28  But he said, Yea rather, blessed are they that hear the word of God, and keep it.", After you hear the word preached by the pastor you head back home saying he has said his own, that is not what I came here for let me go and do my own. Unknown to you, as you are saying it, the Holy Spirit is leaving you, you go your own way and He goes His own way. Do you know how to keep the word? The bible says is not good for anyone to hold enmity for 24hrs and going to three days me and my wife we have not spoken to each other so having heard the word today we will begin to address ourselves when we get home. That is keeping the word. Or the bible says thou shall not steal and you m say ah I have stealing little by little but from today I will put a stop to that. You are keeping the word. When you know the word and you keep it, there is just no need preaching the rapture to you. When you keep the word you are already rapturable. It is because of the sinful nature of man rapture is being preached everyday. 

Isaiah 40:8   " The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand for ever.," Look the house we build mud will eat it up. When I came to Ogudu, most of the houses I met are no more here. Some children of tenants have bought them, broke it all down and use it to do whatever they want. Everything you acquire on earth ends here. Empty hand you came with and empty handed you shall leave. The only thing that will keep you to eternity is the word of God. If you live above 120 years your grand children will begin to call you witch or wizard. Unless you recognize that this earth is a market place, no matter how empty your customers are you must go back home. Because of your quest for acquiring a house in Ogudu GRA or buying the latest Range Rover you put the word of God aside. The word has become so useless. It has grown so strong especially in Africa that it begins to bear fruit in the altar of God. No matter how much you think you will give me I will tell you the truth. It is not you that will feed me, God will feed me. I will look you in the eye and tell you because the bible says know the truth and it shall set you free. Anyone that cannot tell you the truth is your enemy.

Matthew 6:33   "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.", Look everyday I enjoy reading this particular scripture. Many of us why are we going to the church? Ah God I need that contract meanwhile your soul is thirsty of hell fire. You don't care about repenting, all you care about is I want to have that contract. I want to become a senator, governor, I want to send my children to Havard University, even if the money is inside fire you are ready to deep your hands in it and bring it out. The church no longer seek the kingdom of God. There was a day I was telling my wife about a song that when it was played those days people will be sober and crying but these days when it is playing, some will be chewing gum, others will be using the glass on their fones as a mirror to look at themselves, asking how do I look? What generation are we breeding? Anything that will separate you from the love of God, cut it off.

Hebrews 13:5   "Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.",
This matter, Mr Austin is right. That is a lie because if Mr.Austin wins the case he will take you as a governor. Religion and tribe is killing Nigeria today. I am an Edo man, an Edo man must become a president of this nation. Even if I am well aware it was because of the robbery he did in the US he was deported back to Nigeria I would still be insisting he must become the president. He is my brother so he must become the president. I am a christian, a christian must become the president of Nigeria. Why? Because you know that when he gets there you are going to benefit. We begin to destroy the future of our children. I have said it without reservations that the leaders of this country are not our problem. We the youth of the nation are the problem of this generation. The leaders leading this country today were less than our age when they fought for the independence of this country. They were ready to die with the British people or they hand over their country to them. But what is happenning to our generation?We are eating our tomorrow. Coveteousness. Corruption has eaten deep into Nigeria. It is no more in the blood or in the bone, it is now in the marrow.

Be contented with what you have. Even inside this mess God still loves you. Inside deep sin He loves us. Why are we not repenting? Apostle Paul asked: Because of the grace are we now going to remain in sin?

The Benefits of the word

  • Answered Prayers. When you know the word it is easy for your prayers to be answered. 

  • Victory over sin. It says you should know the truth and it shall set you free.

  • Spirit filled living. When you are filled with the Holy Spirit. That's why it is said men filled with the Holy Spirit are very stubborn because they know the truth. When you want to bend the truth or deviate from it they vehemently say no! There is no one filled with the Holy Spirit that is not stubborn because you cannot easily bend them. They will not accept.

  • It brings purpose into our lives. Without the word there is no purpose because you will not know that after death you are going to heaven or hell fire. Till this day there are those who do not believe there is hell fire and heaven. Many are in the church.

  • The word causes spiritual growth.

  • The word gives you maturity. You are more matured when you know God. The more you know God the more you are matured. You don't just hear the word of God, it changes you. If the word of God don't change you then you are not dwelling in the word.

  • The word of God increases your faith.

  • The word of God produces fruits in our life. That is why Jesus hate the fig tree. Anything that is not fruitful is not for Christ. You can't be serving the living God and not be fruitful.

  • The word of God defeats the enemy. That is what Jesus Christ did to Satan after forty days and forty nights. He did not say fire, He did not say Holy Ghost, and He did not say I command you...He used the word of God. 

  • The word of God brings success to life.

  • The word of God makes us competent counselors. (This is mainly for workers and pastors of the church) what you don't know you cannot teach someone.

  • The spoken word of God is powerful.

  • The word of God is a cleansing agent (Psalm 51 )

  • The word of God brings comfort and hope.

  • The word of God gives guidance and direction.

  • The word of God brings joy into our life and situations. 

  • The word of God is the master key to heaven. (This covers all)

The woman with the issue of blood believed and valued the word of God. Do you want to tell me the crowd that surrounded Jesus they were not sick? They were but  they were not healed because they did not value the word of God and Jesus Christ who was in their midst. The woman with the issue of blood had a target and it was this man is God...I don't need to touch Him...When I touch His garment, this blood will disappear. She valued Jesus Christ beyond those that were surrounding Him. Immediately she touched Jesus Christ, virtue left Jesus and went into her and she was made whole instantly. You are coming to the altar of God to pray and you have no believe that as you are coming to the altar to pray, you are droping your problems and leaving freely. You are doubting. When Jesus asked the disciples, who touched me? They were laughing, saying in this crowd that we are surrounded in, you are asking us, who touched you? How could we know who? Jesus Christ insisted telling them somebody touched me. The woman came to Jesus and said yes master I am the one. She believed that she was the one and her case was settled. When a bible is opened in the church and read, you claim it and say this is my own. Hold on to it. Believe in it. Pray with it even after leaving the church. The man who was a commander of an army, that his servant was sick, when he came to Jesus he said master my servant is sick. Jesus said commander go home am coming but he said no. He valued Jesus more than His followers. Do you know that Muslims value the bible much more than we that are christians. Over familiarity. The commander was not a follower of Jesus but he came to Jesus to report that his servant is sick. Jesus said go ahead and he said just say a word because I believe that when you say a word my servant will be healed. Jesus Christ looked at the disciples and said that He has never seen a man with such faith in the whole Israel. When we dream of death we wake up... in the book of Psalm 118:17-18  it says:I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the LORD.
The LORD hath chastened me sore: but he hath not given me over unto death. Then after praying this, there is still an iota of fear in you and it is building into doubt. Begin to reverse the prayer you prayed because you did not value the word you read. That is what happened with Martha, Mary and Lazarus. They were the best friend of Jesus but they did not value Him. They were for the talk of Jesus is our own family friend. These days some people are close to the pastor of the church like that. I know pastor this, I know pastor that, we role together most times. We drive home together from the church also. That pastor is not the word of God. Mary and Martha were waiting for Jesus to come physically and pray for Lazarus. Jesus Christ was doing the work of His father, He refused to go with them. If they valued Jesus, they would gone to Him and say Jesus Lazarus is sick just pray for him. Just say a word we we believe he will be healed. Those that were close to Jesus wanted to see him physically. When you are too close to pastor Benson and he says your case is settled...you will say no that is not the kind of word I want to hear from the pastor. He seems to be chasing me away with that instead of doing deliverance for me. Then you have already killed that declaration...the declaration that it is well with you, will not manifest because you have used your tongue to condemn it. That is what happened to Lazarus and the sisters. They wanted Jesus physically but the commander said to Jesus: Just say a word. Those that were too close to the anointing lost track and those that were far connected well to it.


  • Father any spirit in me that will not allow me to value your word, father take it away.

  • Every barrier against my life over the word of God, I silent you.

  • Father plant your word in my body soul and spirit.

  • Father every life I have been living that is against your word, by your mercy father, disconnect me and connect me to your word. 

Message and photo credit: Benita Enakhena.