ADVERTORIAL: See your perspective of beauty with Jankata Paint

Jankata Paint is a product of Jankata African Global Limited (JAGL) that is in variety of colours  produced to further bring out the beauty of Nigeria, Africa and beyond. Formulated with beauty-powered innovations, JP brings to life your perspective of beauty in Art.

We have well trained customer service personnels to help connect your choice of colours and thoughts to yield the best look of beauty in houses, church, companies, mosques, schools and many others that would gladden your taste of life.

The following are available at Jankata Paints...

Acrylic Premium Emulsion
These are uniquely produced for interior and exterior ceilings and walls to give lofty cloudiness, standard adherent and very much applicable by brush, roller and spray.

Standard Matt
These are textured emulsion paint of magnificent value, an outstanding motif for exterior buildings that wraps in one coat and has very high quality sand particles.

Standard Satin
These are top-quality vinyl acrylic interior paint that brings about high level wipe clean attributes and very environmentally hospitable.

Weather Shade
Particularly patterned for durability and magnificent exterior beauty, this vinyl paint of superior quality is formulated on superb acrylic binder.

Premium Satin
Very acceptable for interior walls, this product is uniquely produced to bring about lofty beauty. It is durably washable and applicable by brush and standard rollers.

P.O.P Emulsion
These are suitable for interior and exterior P.O.P design and comes in high quality.

Standard Emulsion
These are elevated value emulsion produced for exterior and interior ceilings and walls  and are weather friendly.

Tropical Putty Emulsion
These are hole-feeling emulsion formulated for interior and exterior use, powered with the enablement to put life into dead walls.

They are all available in twenty (20) litres and four (4) litres.

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