Height of comfort, Outstanding growth, Power must change hands...Enakhena's prayer-like pronouncements for 2020

At the end of each year, cross over services are heavily held and attended owing to the adventure of prayers and pronouncements into the new year. And at the El-Shaddai Salvation Family Ministries (ESFM), this was a Holy-Ghost-packed cross over service of  prayer-like pronouncements and prayers.

Apostle Benson Enakhena, the  prophet of God who is always afire, introduced "My year of Divine Growth" as the theme of the year 2020 to his members and took the children of God on an adventure of a prayer-like  pronouncements with the topic "Divine Growth".

Enakhena described divine growth as what is not an ordinary but a supernatural growth, moving from an uncomfortable zone to a comfortable zone, an unbelieveable growth, an outstanding growth, a power for a man to break records, and teleguided these prayer-like pronouncements for his members with the word of God.

Below are pronouncements of the cross over service for our readers to receive.

Supernatural things will happen in your life in 2020

In 2020 the Lord will take you to a height of comfort in the name of Jesus

This 2020 you shall receive spiritual comfort, marital comfort, financial comfort, career comfort in the name of jesus.     

Esther received an oustanding growth...from living with an uncle who was a security guard to become a queen to the king...that is an outstanding growth...that shall be your growth in 2020.

Wherever tribalism has been working against you,education or  religion has been working against, you, the grace of God shall carry you above that trouble...in 2020 the grace of God shall carry you above them.

In this 2020, it doesn't matter who you know or your background, I pray for you that any protocol that the Lord need to break for you to receive your upliftment, the Lord shall break that protocol in the name of Jesus. 

That anointing, power you need for you to break new record, or get to that height no one has ever gotten to in your family, or that financial status that has never been achieved in your family, that anointing and power you need in 2020 for you to break the new record, is upon you in the name of Jesus.

It doesn't matter how your immediate family are taking you at the moment, what matters is your relationship with God...that relationship with God will take you higher in the name of Jesus Christ...

It doesn't matter where you will be in 2020 until that anointing of 2020 fall upon you,  the carrier will not rest in the name of Jesus.

Your helper will not understand that you are the one he will help until he is through with helping you.

Power must change hands in your life...it doesn't matter the power that has been taking what belongs to you, it doesn't matter who has been in-charge over your destiny, because the year 2020 is a year of divine growth, power must change hands in the name of Jesus.

It doesn't matter the gathering of the society against your crown, in 2020 powers must submit your crown to you...your enemy will submit your money, marriage, job and your blessings to you in the name of Jesus.

It doesn't matter who has forgotten you in 2019, because God has remembered you in 2020, as many that forgot about you in 2019, they shall come to feed under your table.

Your blessings shall not be given to another in 2020.

It doesn't matter what they are saying about you, in 2020 your helpers shall not rest until they locate you.

In 2020 that man God has assigned to promote you, to lift you higher, shall not rest until he locates you in the name of Jesus

And when they locate you they will not rest until they do the needful.

In 2020 it doesn't matter your qualification, who you know or your background, the grace of God shall qualify you in the name of Jesus.

I pray for you, whoever has been  carrying your glory, anointing, blessing, power, money, marriage, in this 2020 it shall all depart from them and locate you in the name of Jesus.

That power that will give you supernatural wisdom, understanding to do supernatural things in this 2020, shall fall upon you in the name of Jesus.

It doesn't matter your position in your family, what matters most in 2020 is your relationship with God.

I pray for you, whatever you lay your hands upon in 2020 shall prosper...you shall prosper, your business shall prosper, your health shall prosper, your career shall prosper, your marriage shall prosper, in the name of Jesus.

Every set up against you in 2020, every accusation against you in 2020, shall catapult you into a higher glory.

I pray for you, wherever you go in this 2020, the lord shall go with you and his mercy shall follow you in the name of Jesus.

That position God has prepared for you in 2020 shall not pass you by in the name of Jesus

That master key that kings and queens need to solve problems in 2020 God himself will give you the master key.

I say in 2020 the key to the solution of kings, queens, leaders all over the world, God will put the key in your pocket...in 2020 you will be a solution provider.

That man that can speak where you cannot speak for your job to be reversed, for your business to be reversed, for you to be restored, I pray that they will not rest until they speak on your behalf.

That problem that will land to make your helper to remember you, it shall happen in 2020.

As many that have accused you wrongly, either in the marine kingdom, coven, evil altar, pit of hell or in the physical,  you shall take their position in 2020 in the name of Jesus.

Every arrow of death, set back that the enemy will fire against you in 2020, shall lead you to your promotion.

In 2020 the Lord will open your heart for you to know that you will carry double portion.

It will be simple for you in 2020...in all your endeavors everything shall be simple for you.

Your helper will not arrive until you are present.

As many that mocked you in 2019, in 2020 they shall bow before you.