If you've been wondering who AY Stitches is, your journey is done.


We have some stories on AY Stitches on Godfrey Times, a fashion brand that is validly in the list of top outfits in Nigeria.

So much has been written about AY Stitches, from its introductory article to a follow-up report on who the CEO is, a collection of celebrity insight stories, and reports on his styling of the MBGN pageant.

But, while we're discussing whether or not anything we've written to support the fashion brand is sufficient or progressive, there are always those who wonder who AY Stitches is. When did they first start working in the industry? What is their client's strength? How trustworthy are they?

Enable AY Stitches to tell you who they are in the video below to better answer these remaining questions.

Take a look at some of the stories we've done with AY Stitches in pictures below.